Product Description LCD televisions
Brand Panasonic
Model TH-L42ET5H , TH-L47ET5H
Supplier Name Shun Hing Electronic Trading Co., Ltd.
Tel. / Fax. Tel: 2733 3087
Recall / Prohibition Date 13.9.2017 (voluntary product inspection and structural reinforcement services)
Cause of hazard The supplier advised that the televisions of the concerned models may overturn when the swivel stands have been repeatedly used which could cause wear and tear of the components.
Product Description Extension unit
Brand PMS
Model 2199 , 8618N
Supplier Name Supeready Company Ltd.
Tel. / Fax. Tel: 2334 9384
Recall / Prohibition Date 12.1.2017 (voluntary product recall)
Cause of hazard A recent safety test revealed that the models failed in the test of the relevant international safety standard, which may lead to switch failure or excessive temperature rise and pose safety hazard.