Frank F Chan, JP

Welcome to the website of the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

You will find useful information here on both our Regulatory Services and Trading Services, and how EMSD enhances the safety and quality of life of our community.

Specifically, you will find the latest developments regarding electrical, gas, mechanical and railway safety, as well as energy efficiency and conservation, for which our Regulatory Services enforce the laws, regulate the trades and promote public awareness. You will also find updates on our Trading Services which provide professional support to over a hundred government departments, public institutions and the community with quality electrical and mechanical engineering services.

In the spirit of transparency and continuous improvement, we endeavour to regularly and proactively make available on this website data and information pertinent to public interest for better scrutiny and accountability. This website is also a channel for us to share knowledge, get feedback, engage the trades, and interact with stakeholders. As we are keenly aware that technology is changing fast, as is the world, we look forward to receiving your views and suggestions.

Enjoy surfing the website.

Frank F Chan
Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services

Director's Notes