EMSD launched two mobile applications.  With the aid of a smart phone, the public can enjoy the convenience of electronic services anywhere and anytime as well as obtaining the latest updates from the EMSD for strengthening communications. You are welcome to download the mobile applications free of charge at the following links.

Mobile Apps Trailer Trailer [MP4 format (35MB)]

E&M Connect

E&M Connect App icon

Energy Saver

Energy Saver icon

To use camera to capture the reference number of energy label by OCR to instantly show and compare the energy performance, projected annual electricity or fuel bills and recommendations of more energy efficient models of 10 prescribed products under the Mandatory Energy Efficiency Labelling Scheme (excluding compact fluorescent lamps) to facilitate the public in choosing energy efficient products.

E&M Finder

E&M Finder icon

Using the current location of smart phone or specified location to show the nearby Registered Vehicle Maintenance Workshops, Registered Electrical Contractors and LPG Cylinder Distributors (with icons of their corresponding gold, silver or bronze rating under the LPG Cylinder Distributor Safety Performance Recognition Scheme) on the map. It also supports the users to dial the telephone numbers of service providers conveniently to request for services.

Scan Fast

 RGI Icon

Using mobile phone camera and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) function to capture the image of registration cards of the Registered Gas Installers (RGI) to show the related RGI information and registered classes.


 EMYA Icon

Using the mobile application for browsing the latest activity information, newsletter, and quiz games of the E&M Youth Ambassador programme, as well as logging in to the member domain via the activity information page to sign up for activities.


E&M Connect at Google Play  E&M Connect at App Store  E&M Connect at App Gallery

E&M Trade App

E&M Trade App icon

The target users of "E&M Trade App" are the Registered Electrical Workers, Registered Lifts / Escalators Engineers, Registered Lifts / Escalators Workers, Registered Gas Installers and Registered Vehicle Mechanics. The App provides information about safety alerts, code of practice and other relevant documents updates, Continuous Professional Development (CPD) courses, etc. to E&M practitioners. Users can sign up a mobile app account and store the information of their certificate of registration so as to enroll for relevant courses directly on the app, record training hours, show their "Digital E&M Licences" to the public and receive push notification reminders on registration expiry. The mobile application also provides "Digital E&M Licences" service to the Registered Vehicle Mechanics, the Gas related Competent Persons and the Approved Competent Persons for Locating Underground Electricity Cables.

Highlights of EM Trade App

EM Trade App at Google Play  EM Trade App at App Store  E&M Trade at App Gallery

Enquiry and Contact

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Email: info@emsd.gov.hk