In general, the suppliers should ensure that their household electrical products conform to the latest requirements of applicable IEC safety standards (or other compatible standards such as European safety standards) unless otherwise stated in the Electrical Products (Safety) Regulation. A list of applicable safety standards is provided under section C.1 - items 1.1 [PDF format (25KB)] and 1.2 [PDF format (30KB)] of the Guidance Notes for the Electrical Products (Safety) Regulation (2007 Edition).

EMSD has completed consultation with the trade on adoption of the latest international safety standards for household electrical products. Agreement on the implementation time frame has been reached. The details are shown in the Table below.

Implementation Time Frame for Adoption of Latest International Safety Standards

DescriptionApplicable Safety StandardImplementation Time Frame
Electrical Products listed in Annex
[PDF format (39KB)]
Relevant IEC standards listed in Annex
[PDF format (39KB)]
Suppliers to import electrical products
in compliance with the
relevant IEC standards listed in Annex
[PDF format (39KB)]
starting from December 2008.