22.11.2022 Seminar for Members of the Electrical Trade

Seminar on Electrical Safety and Responsibility of REC/REW,
Analysis on Incidents Related to Electrical Work and
Introduction to Lockout and Tagout Procedures

With a view to strengthening communication with the industry and enhancing their safety awareness, EMSD, the Hong Kong and Kowloon Electrical Engineering & Appliances Trade Worker's Union and the Hong Kong Electrical Contractors' Association jointly organize a technical seminar this year.

In view of the anti-epidemic measures, Annual Technical Seminar 2022 will mainly was webcasting.

This online seminar had been completed. Please click here to access the EMSD YouTube Channel to watch the recorded video (Cantonese dialog and speech only).

YouTube Recorded Video
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- Cantonese dialog and speech only
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As this online seminar was conducted in Cantonese only, registered electrical workers who can read English only may access the web-based CPD training platform by clicking here to complete CPD training and satisfy the renewal registration requirements.

The following are the presentation materials of the seminar:

(Presentation materials of the seminar, which are of Traditional Chinese version mainly.)
Remarks*: The seminar notes above are for reference only. For the related statutory requirements, please refer to the original text of the relevant legislations.