Guidelines for Preparation of Cable Detection Report

  1. The cable detection report is required to comply with the relevant requirements specified in the "Code of Practice on Working near Electricity Supply Lines", especially in the paragraphs 3.1 to 3.4.

  2. The information contained in the cable detection report should generally include the following details :

    1. Site area;
    2. Cable alignment, together with common reference points, sequence number of detection points;
    3. Cable depth profile indicating cable depth of each cable;
    4. Detection method(s) applied for cable alignment;
    5. Detection method(s) applied for cable depth;
    6. Quantity of cable identified;
    7. Voltage level of each cable identified;
    8. On-scale drawing showing trial hole location and each cable alignment and depth profile;
    9. Photos showing the trial hole location, toroidal active detection and site markings for cable alignment and depth, and;
    10. General information for the cable detection work such as :
      -   Location
      -   Date
      -   Time
      -   Name of Competent Person
      -   Approval number of Competent Person
      -   Name of contractor
    11. General Information for the cable locating device including receiver and transmitter such as :
      -   Brand name
      -   Model number
      -   Serial number
      -   Calibration record
    12. Drawing number and electricity supplier's underground cable record plan.
  3. A reference format for the cable detection report can be downloaded from the following internet web site:
    Guidance Notes / Guidelines