Notes On Examination For Registration As A Grade B Electrical Worker

Appendix III

Examination Regulation and Instructions to Candidates

  1. Before the examination

    1. Check carefully the information printed on the Admission Form . Any discrepancy detected should be reported to the Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority (HKEAA) immediately. Do not write anything on the Admission Form.

    2. Under bad weather conditions, candidates should pay attention to the following:

      • The announcement of closure of schools due to a tropical cyclone or the issue of the Red Rainstorm Warning does not necessarily imply the postponement of an examination scheduled to be held for that day. However, all examinations will normally be postponed when a Typhoon Signal No. 8 or above is hoisted, or when a Black Rainstorm Warning is issued. If weather conditions are doubtful, you should listen to the radio or television broadcast for examination schedules right up to the time you leave for the examination centre.

      • Unless a specific announcement has been made by the HKEAA that the examination has been postponed due to bad weather conditions, the examination will be conducted as originally scheduled. However, you should consider your personal safety first and if you have genuine difficulties in reaching the examination centre, you should contact the HKEAA before the examination begins. Special consideration will be given to individual cases depending on the circumstances.

    3. Check carefully the starting time of the examination. Late candidates will not be given extra time to compensate for the time loss.

    4. Any candidate taking an examination in a wrong centre may receive mark penalties.

    5. You should bring to the examination centre:

      • the original copy of both your Admission Form and identity card . Otherwise, the Centre Supervisor may refuse to admit you;
      • your own stationery (e.g. HB pencil, eraser and ball pen). Stationery will not be supplied at centres.
    6. Electronic calculators, including programmable calculators, may be used in the examination provided that the calculators are battery-powered, silent in operation and with neither print-out nor graphic/word-display facilities and do not use dot-matrix technology in the main display. Other electronic devices with graphic/word-display facilities (such as databank watches) are not permitted in examination centres.

    7. Make sure that the jacket of your calculator does not contain any paper or the card with standard formula list provided by the manufacturer.

    8. No help can be expected from the Centre Supervisor or invigilator should your calculator fail to function properly for any reason and no allowance will be given for any mistakes arising from calculator malfunctioning.

    9. Calculators brought into the examination centre are subject to inspection and, in case of doubt, may be taken away for further inspection.

    10. You must present yourself for the examination decently dressed. The Centre Supervisor will refuse to admit any candidate who is not properly dressed.

    11. You should arrive at the examination centre at least 15 minutes before the commencement of the examination. No candidate is allowed to attend the examination 25 minutes after the commencement of the examination.

    12. You are advised not to leave study materials and personal property outside the examination centre because of the risk of having such items stolen. The EMSD, the examination centre and the HKEAA will not be responsible for the loss of such items, nor is responsible for any accidents to the candidates or their accompanying persons at the examination centres.

    13. Make sure that articles such as notes, books, pagers and mobile phones are taken out from your pockets. If these articles are found in your pocket/on your body during the examination, you may receive mark penalties or even your scores in the examination may be forfeited .

  2. After Entering the Examination Centre

    1. Under normal circumstances, candidates may be admitted into the examination centre 15 minutes before the examination is due to start.
    2. You should occupy the seat assigned to you in accordance with the seat number stated on your Admission Form.
    3. You are not allowed to smoke or litter anywhere in the premises of the examination centre; eat (including chewing gum) or drink in the examination centre; or take photographs in the examination centre.
    4. You must maintain absolute silence and should not speak to other candidates nor disturb them.
    5. You must put your personal belongings in a small bag that can be properly closed with a zip/buckle etc...
    6. Bags must be placed under your chair or in an area assigned by the Centre Supervisor / invigilator.
    7. If you have a pager or a mobile phone, you should turn it off (including the alarm function) and put it inside your bag or under your chair.
    8. If you have not brought a bag that can be securely closed, the Centre Supervisor will ask you to take your personal belongings to the front of the hall.
    9. If you bring a pencil case/box (including a transparent pencil box), you must place the contents on your desk and put the pencil case / box under your chair.
    10. If unauthorized items such as books, dictionaries, notes, papers, mobile phones, pagers, electronic dictionaries, MP3 players and other electronic devices which can store and/or display texts (including databank watches) are found on / in your desk, on your body or in your pockets, you may receive mark penalties or even your scores in the examination may be forfeited .
    11. If your mobile phone / article emits any sound during the examination, you may receive mark penalties .
    12. The announcements of the Centre Supervisors will be made in Chinese (and supplemented with English, if necessary) during the examination.
  3. During the Examination

    1. The examination is in the form of multiple choice questions in 4-option format. Please select the most suitable answer.
    2. All questions must be attempted. A total of the 100 questions are set in two parts. The time allowed is two hours.
    3. You will receive a question book, an MC answer sheet and a backing sheet. Use an HB pencil to mark the answers on the MC answer sheet or you will receive mark penalties . Answers put in the question book will not be marked.
    4. On the MC answer sheet, mark the answer by filling the corresponding box with a thick line. You will score no marks for marking two or more answers to the same question.
    5. Rough work should be done in the question book. Do not put your answer sheet inside your question book. Question book, answer sheet and backing sheet will be collected separately by the invigilator.
    6. As you fill in an answer, check to see that you are answering the right question. Subsequent requests for special consideration regarding this kind of wrongly completed answer sheets will not be entertained after the examination has ended.
    7. You should write your candidate number and name on the appropriate spaces on your answer sheet only. You should not write any identification data (such as name, ID number, candidate number, seat number, centre number, etc.) on anywhere of the question book. Any candidate found doing so, the scores in the examination may be forfeited .
    8. Admission Form and H.K. Identity Card should be placed at the top right hand corner of the desk for inspection by the invigilators throughout the examination. Impostor, if found, will be handed to the Hong Kong Police and the candidate's scores in the examination will be forfeited.
    9. You must not turn over the pages of the question paper and must not start working until you are instructed to do so. Otherwise, you risk mark penalties .
    10. You are not allowed to remove or tear off any sheets from the question book or you may be disqualified from the examination.
    11. You may leave the examination centre 30 minutes after the start and 30 minutes before the end of the examination. Any candidate wishing to leave early should raise a hand to summon an invigilator. Disobeying the above may result in mark penalties or even the scores in the examination may be forfeited .
    12. When the announcement: "Time is up. Put down your pens " is made, make sure you follow it promptly. If by that time you discover that you have not filled in your candidate number, you should ask for the permission of an invigilator prior to filling in the number. If you make any changes on your answer sheet without permission, the Centre Supervisor may assume you are trying to change an answer, and this may lead to mark penalties or even the scores in the examination may be forfeited .
  4. After the examination

    1. Examination materials including question books, answer sheets and backing sheets will be collected by invigilators at the end of the examination. Candidates cannot take away from the examination hall any examination materials.
    2. You should only leave the examination centre when instructed by the Centre Supervisor.
    3. All question papers will be destroyed right after the examination.
  5. Other

    1. Anyone found cheating or acting dishonestly during the examination may risk being disqualified from the examination.
    2. An overall pass grade will only be awarded if a candidate has obtained a pass mark in both Parts A and B while status of individual part will not be released.