Members of Appeal Board Panel
Electricity Ordinance (Chapter 406) (G.N. 5629)

It is hereby notified that pursuant to section 44 of the Electricity Ordinance and section 13 of the Electricity Supply Lines (Protection) Regulation (Chapter 406H), the Secretary for the Environment has appointed the following persons to be Members of the Appeal Board Panel established under the Ordinance for a term of three years with effect from 28 July 2018: -

(1)Representatives from Registered Professional Engineers under electrical discipline Ir CHAN Chi Ming, Antonio
Ir FU Po Wa, Calvin
Ir WOO Man Shing, Gordon
Ir YAN Ka Wing, Andrew
(2)Representatives from tertiary educational institutions Professor CHENG Kwok-keung, Michael
Professor KI Wing-hung
Dr. WONG Man-hon
Dr. TAN Siew-chong
Dr. NIU Shuangxia
(3)Representatives from the electricity supply industry Mr. CHENG Cho-ying
Ir. LAM Yim-mou
Ir. CHAN Kwok-wah, Keith
Mr. CHENG Chi-yan
Ir. LEUNG Man-yee, Mandy
(4)Representatives from organizations representing the interests of registered electrical contractors Ir. AU Tat-kay, Walter
Ir. Dr. CHAN Fuk-cheung
Ir. TAI Chi-ko
Ir. TSANG Hing-cheung, Gilbert
Mr. WAI Yip-kin
(5)Representatives from organizations representing the interests of registered electrical workers Mr. LOK Kwei-sang, Tandy
Mr. CHUI Kam-hung
Mr. LAU Hon-tat
Ms. LEUNG Mui-ngan
Ms. LEE Sau-king
(6)Representatives from organizations representing the interests of persons who manufacture, trade in or certify electrical products Ms. CHAN Man-ying
Mr. NG Shing-hoi, Dick
Mr. NG Lui-kai, Brian
Mr. LIU Siong-song
Mr. FONG Yick-chung, Edwin
(7)Representatives from organizations which are of, or for the promotion of, the interests of owners of commercial, industrial or domestic electrical installations or owners of electrical products Ms. AU-YEUNG Kar-wai, Terese
Mr. LEE Sau-man, Samson
Ms. KAM Siu-lam, Angel
Dr. POON Chi-kin
(8)Representatives from organizations representing the interests of the construction industry Mr. TSUI Wing-ho, Tommy
Mr. YAM Chun-hung, Tony
Mr. SHUM Hau-tak, Daniel
Mr. LEE Kwok-wai
Mr. SO Kwok-chi