Members of Disciplinary Tribunal Panel
Electricity Ordinance (Chapter 406) (G.N. 5628)

It is hereby notified that pursuant to section 38 of the Electricity Ordinance, the Secretary for the Environment has appointed the following persons to be Members of the Disciplinary Tribunal Panel established under the Ordinance for a term of three years with effect from 28 July 2018: -

(1)Representatives from Hong Kong Institution of Engineers Ir. CHOI Yuk-kuen, Annie
Ir. Dr LEE Wai-ling
Ir. LEUNG Chi-lap
Ir. Dr LO Chi-wah, Anthony
Ir. TONG Wai-ming, Sherman
(2)Representatives from tertiary education institutions Dr. WONG Wing-ming, Eric
Dr. LO Wai-chau, Edward
Dr. LEE Chi-kwan
Professor TSANG Hon-ki
Professor LUONG Cam, Howard
(3)Representatives from organizations representing the interests of registered electrical contractors Mr. CHOI Sai Kwong
Ir CHUK Wai Chun, Winston
Ir LAM Tim Chor
Mr. KWAN Wai Yuen
Mr. CHAK Siu Kei
(4)Representatives from organizations representing the interests of registered electrical workers Mr. CHAU Wing-yee, Philip
Mr. YAU Kit-pan
Ms. CHENG Sau-kuen
Mr. MOW Tai-hing
Ms. HUNG Sau-king
(5)Representatives of or promote the interests of owners of commercial industrial or domestic electrical installations Ms. LIM Sha-li, Shirley
Dr. FOK Wai-tung, Wilton
Ms. WONG Yuen-yee, Angel
Mr. CHIANG Yee-lung, Calvin