The charging mechanism as specified in the Bill for the district cooling services was considered and agreed by the LegCo Panel on Environmental Affairs on 17 July 2014. Please click below link to read / download the paper as discussed in the above meeting:

The key components of the charge are:

1. Capacity Charge

2. Consumption Charge

The effective rates for 2022/23 and the subsequent 2023/24 based on the adjustment formula as provided in the District Cooling Services Ordinance (Cap. 624) are as follows:

 2022/23 Charge Rates2023/24 Charge Rates
Capacity Charge Rate $133.26 per kilowatt refrigeration per month $135.53 per kilowatt refrigeration per month
Consumption Charge Rate $0.2188 per kilowatt-hour refrigeration $0.2621 per kilowatt-hour refrigeration
  • As announced by the Census and Statistics Department, the rate of change in the Composite Consumer Price Index recorded for 2022, after removing the effects of all one-off relief measures of the Government, was +1.7%.
  • As announced by CLP, the electricity tariff applied for 2023 would be +19.8%.