Legislation / Advisory Body

District Cooling Services Ordinance, Cap. 624

Legislation is necessary to provide for matters relating to district cooling services provided by the Government, including the imposition of charges for the services and other related matters. The District Cooling Services Ordinance (Cap. 624) has been in effect since 27 March 2015 and the Ordinance bestows the Government the necessary statutory authority to collect district cooling services charges from non-Government consumers of district cooling services at Kai Tak Development (KTD) and to use the revenue collected to offset the operating costs incurred by EMSD. Please click the links below to read/download the documents.

Members of the Appeal Board Panel

Pursuant to section 24 of the District Cooling Services Ordinance (Cap. 624), the Secretary for Environment and Ecology has appointed/reappointed the following persons to be members of the appeal board panel for a term of three years:

CategoriesNamesFirst Appointment Date /
Reappointment Date
(a)Barristers or solicitors Mr. CHENG Calvin K 9 February 2021
Mr. YU Kwok-kin, Christopher 9 February 2021
Ms LAW Wai-shan 9 April 2021
Mr CHAU Brian 9 April 2021
(b)Corporate members of The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers in one or more of the electrical, mechanical and building services disciplines Ir. Dr. LEE Wai-ling 9 February 2021
Ir. LI Siu-kong, Kenneth 9 February 2021
Ir. POON Yat-fai, Dicky 9 February 2021
Ir. Dr. CHAN Kan-ip, Philip 9 February 2021
(c)Corporate members of The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers in disciplines other than those mentioned in item (b) above Ir. IP Tat-yan 9 February 2021
Ir. CHAN Hing-lung, Charles 9 February 2021
Ir. LEUNG Man-tim 9 February 2021
Ir. TANG Sher-kin 9 February 2021
(d)Persons who in the Secretary for Environment and Ecology's opinion, are not from the engineering profession Ms. CHAM Mun-yee, Yvonne 9 February 2021
Ms. HO Sze-may, Mindy 9 February 2021
Miss WONG Sum-yee, Rachel 9 February 2021
Ms YIP Yan-ting, Fion 9 February 2021