One of the mandates of EEO is to promote best practices in energy management to both the public and private sectors. We recommend organisations to start with an energy audit, which is a review of how and where energy is consumed in the organisation. Energy audits help identify Energy Management Opportunities where savings of energy and money can be made.


Energy Audits

Guidelines on Energy Audit 2007 was to provide guidelines to encourage owners of commercial buildings to conduct energy audit as it was not a mandatory requirement at that time. With the full implementation of the BEEO in September 2012, owners of buildings specified in Schedule 4 must cause energy audit according to the Energy Audit Code (EAC). Therefore, Guidelines on Energy Audit 2007 is obsoleted.  Energy Audit Code and Technical Guidelines on Energy Audit Code were issued.  Despite the scope of energy audit under EAC only apply to the CBSI in a building, the energy audit requirements and procedures laid down in the EAC could be extended to cover other BSI as well.

Please visit Buildings Energy Efficiency Ordinance's website to download the lastest edition of EAC. 


HK EE Net - A website for Energy Efficient Technologies

This is a new thematic website aiming to provide information on various energy efficient technologies to the public to facilitate the wider adoption of such technologies in Hong Kong.

On this website you will find technical information of over 50 energy efficient technologies that can be applied to various kinds of building services installations such as air conditioning systems, lighting and lift & escalators etc. Other information such as standards, example projects, frequently asked questions (FAQs), reference literature; related local events and news are also provided.

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