Safe Use of Lighters

Lighters are used as an ignition tool (e.g. for lighting cigarettes). As some lighters available on the market contain Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), please pay attention to the following safety tips when using them.

Users should
  • Safe Use of Lighters Keep lighters away from fire, flame or any place with a temperature higher than 50°C, e.g. cooking appliances, heated utensils and air heaters, etc. Place them in a dry, cool and well-ventilated location and keep out of reach of children;
  • Handle lighters with care to avoid any strong shock or impact, e.g. drop from height, crush by heavy object, etc;
  • Ensure the integrity and normal operation of lighters to prevent from crack and deformation, etc;
  • Visually check the lighters to ensure the flame is fully extinguished after use;
  • Avoid touching the lighter surface near the flame and allow the lighters to cool down before storage, so as to prevent burn injury or fire;
  • Read and follow the user instruction / warning label carefully before use.
Users should not
  • Safe Use of Lighters Store excessive quantity of lighters;
  • Safe Use of Lighters Ignite lighters near the face, clothing, flammable gas or material and chemicals such as solvent, etc.;
  • Place lighters in enclosed areas or any place subject to high temperature (e.g. enclosed vehicle compartment exposed under the sun) to avoid incidents caused by lighters being excessively exposed to sunlight or intense heat;
  • Puncture lighters or throw them into the fire to avoid risk of causing accidents;
  • Shake lighters violently or subject to strong impact / press to avoid damage or such as fracture to avoid risk of causing accidents;
  • Use leaking, defective or damaged lighters;
  • Let children reach and play with lighters;
  • Try to refill gas to disposable lighters;
  • Safe Use of Lighters Light up for more than 10 seconds continuously to avoid the risk of overheat, leading to lighter damage which may cause burn injury, fire or explosion.

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