Vehicle Maintenance Workshop Providing Service to the LPG Fuel System

EMSD have arranged adequate resources to carry out further stepped up inspections to these vehicle maintenance workshops to ensure compliance with the Gas Safety Ordinance (Cap.51), including: no storage of more than 130 litres of LPG in the workshops without approval for Notifiable Gas Installation and work involving the repair, maintenance or replacement of LPG vehicle fuel system or associated components and replacement of LPG fuel tank is conducted by or under the supervision of Competent Persons, i.e. Competent Person (Class 6). If contravention is found, EMSD will carry out the enforcement; alternatively, EMSD will make referral to other relevant government departments for follow up if contravention to other regulations is found.

Besides, in order to heighten the trade’s gas safety standards and facilitate the LPG vehicle owners, drivers and public to easily identify the vehicle maintenance workshops providing service to LPG fuel system, EMSD has launched a scheme of Identification Signage for LPG Vehicle Fuel System Maintenance Workshop as administrative measure and requested the vehicle maintenance workshops to submit relevant information. After reviewing the information and conducting gas safety inspection, EMSD will grant identification signage to the vehicle maintenance workshops, and encourage the vehicle owners and drivers to use the vehicle maintenance workshops with identification signage.