The GSAC is an advisory and statutory body established under the Gas Safety Ordinance, Cap. 51. Members of the committee are appointed by the Secretary, in exercise of powers delegated by the Chief Executive. Please click here for the list of current members.

The GSAC meeting is normally held in every 6 months, unless any pressing item of business occurs.

Terms of Reference

  1. To advise the Gas Authority on any matters relevant to the importation, manufacture, storage, transport, supply or use of gas as defined under the Gas Safety Ordinance, Cap. 51.
  2. To represent to the Gas Authority any views pertaining to the interests of the gas industry and those of consumers of fuel gases in general.
  3. To advise the Gas Authority on matters relating to the gas safety legislation.

Minutes of Meeting


Secretary: Mr CHAN Ip Kay, Danny
(Senior Electrical and Mechanical Engineer)
Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD)
Address: 3 Kai Shing Street , Kowloon , Hong Kong
Tel. no.: 2808 3327
Fax no.: 2576 5945