Tips on Safe Use of Mildly Flammable R32 Refrigerant

In response to climate change, the world is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and phasing down the use of high Global Warming Potential (GWP) gases. At present, refrigerants that are widely adopted in domestic air conditioners usually have high GWP. Leakage of these refrigerants to the atmosphere will accelerate global warming. So individual manufacturers of domestic air conditioners have opted for lower GWP refrigerants, but some of which may have mild flammability. A notable example of mildly flammable refrigerants is R32.

Domestic air conditioners using mildly flammable refrigerants should be labelled with a “flame” symbol for identification. Before purchasing such products, consumers should pay particular attention to the restrictions on use as specified by the manufacturers, such as requirements on minimum room area and minimum installation height, etc. They may check with the agents or suppliers for relevant restrictions. Installation, inspection or maintenance of the products should be carried out in compliance with the specified restrictions by the agents, suppliers or technicians who have experience in mildly flammable refrigerants.

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