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Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs)

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Energy Label Information before Removal of Reference Number

Energy Label Information before Removal of Reference Number
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PHILIPSAmbiance Globe 18W B22 Warm WhiteL0908262009182010/12/23
PHILIPSAmbiance Globe 18W E27 Warm WhiteL0908272009182010/12/23
OSRAMDULUXSTAR 20W/827 B22dL0912052009202010/03/05
OSRAMDULUXSTAR 20W/827 E27L0906092009202010/03/05
OSRAMDULUXSTAR 20W/840 E27L0906102009202010/03/05
OSRAMDULUXSTAR 20W/865 B22dL0912062009202010/03/05
OSRAMDULUXSTAR 20W/865 E27L0906112009202010/03/05
U LandEUG-24 18W E27 2700KL0910042009182010/05/28
PLTFC308B 23W B22 DaylightL1100582011232015/05/28
PLTFC308B 23W E27 DaylightL1100572011232015/05/28
NVCFHS05/827/E14 220-240V 5WL100225201052011/04/13
NVCFHS05/827/E27 220-240V 5WL100222201052011/04/13
NVCFHS05/865/E14 220-240V 5WL100224201052011/04/13
NVCFHS05/865/E27 220-240V 5WL100223201052011/04/13
GEFLE18TBX/827/2/E27 Edison PlusL0901922009182009/12/16
GEFLE6DBX/827/2/E14 Edison PlusL090695200962009/12/16
GEFLE6DBX/827/2/E27 Edison PlusL090184200962009/12/16
GEFLE9TBX/865/2/E14 Edison PlusL090188200992009/12/16
GEFLE9TBX/865/E27 Edison PlusL090187200992009/12/16
ACTFAIRFS(1) 23W 6400K B22L1100542011232014/12/18
ACTFAIRFS(1) 23W 6400K E27L1100532011232014/12/18
MEIJITEN LIGHTINGLP-602 9W B22L091468200992010/06/04
TerminatorLP-602 9W B22L091465200992010/06/04
UkaseLP-602 9W B22L091462200992010/06/04
COMBOLP-602 9W B22L091459200992010/06/04
SUPER ELECTROLP-602 9W B22L091456200992010/06/04
MEIJITEN LIGHTINGLP-602 9W E14L091466200992010/06/04
TerminatorLP-602 9W E14L091463200992010/06/04
UkaseLP-602 9W E14L091460200992010/06/04
COMBOLP-602 9W E14L091457200992010/06/04
SUPER ELECTROLP-602 9W E14L091454200992010/06/04
MEIJITEN LIGHTINGLP-602 9W E27L091467200992010/06/04
TerminatorLP-602 9W E27L091464200992010/06/04
UkaseLP-602 9W E27L091461200992010/06/04
COMBOLP-602 9W E27L091458200992010/06/04
SUPER ELECTROLP-602 9W E27L091455200992010/06/04
LIGHTPROLS220/3-SLW B22 6400KL091431200932010/06/30
LIGHTPROLS220/3-SLW E14 6400KL091430200932010/06/30
LIGHTPROLS220/3-SLW E27 6400KL091429200932010/06/30
LIGHTPROLS220/5-SLW B22 2700KL091440200952010/06/30
LIGHTPROLS220/5-SLW E14 2700KL091439200952010/06/30
LIGHTPROLS220/5-SLW E27 2700KL091438200952010/06/30
LIGHTPROLS220/7-SLW B22 2700KL091443200972010/06/30
LIGHTPROLS220/7-SLW E14 2700KL091442200972010/06/30
LIGHTPROLS220/7-SLW E27 2700KL091441200972010/06/30
MASTARMAS15W14 15W E14 WARMWHITEL1000772010152010/06/30
MASTARMAS15W22 15W B22 WARMWHITEL1000782010152010/06/30
MASTARMAS15W27 15W E27 WARMWHITEL1000792010152010/06/30
Total 126 listed model(s) have been removed
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Under section 17 of the Energy Efficiency (Labelling of Products) Ordinance Cap. 598, the reference number of the above model has been removed from the record of listed models. As a result, this model is not allowed to be supplied in Hong Kong.