Our Goal

The management and staff of the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department are committed to achieving service excellence and total customer satisfaction through the implementation of Total Quality Management.

Our Policy

Our Achievements

Our Achievements

Quality forms the very core of our activities. In our pursuit of excellence we became the first government department, and were the third organisation in Hong Kong, to receive ISO 9001 corporate certification for our quality processes. We have also received recognition for our quality practices from the local community, with the winning of a number of quality and industry awards which include the Hong Kong Productivity Centre's prestigious Hong Kong Award for Services in Productivity, the first time ever that a government body has won the award. With our full commitment to implement Total Quality Management, we are the first government department to win the Gold Award of Hong Kong Management Association (HKMA) Quality Award in 2006.

Driving the constantly improving cycle of quality, more than 100 works improvement and business improvement teams actively work to explore opportunities to improve practices and processes. As a result of these activities, millions of dollars and thousands of man-hours have been saved annually.