CPD Scheme - Module 3 (Voluntary Basis)
Learning Mode and Guideline

  1. Outline

    To enhance the self-learning ability, fostering the self-learning habit of REW, and broadening REW’s professional knowledge and skills and keeping training records systematically, EMSD has introduced a new module of training in the CDP Scheme for REW. The participation of Module 3 is on a voluntary basis, which is different from the compulsory Module 1 and Module 2. Module 3 will not be used as the compulsory requirement for the renewal of REW license.

  2. Objective

    The CDP Scheme Module 3 is not limited to legislative and safety requirements, and technical knowledge. Instead, it advocates a balanced and diversified way of learning in doing continuing professional development, and thus to foster  REW’s self-learning ability as well as broadening their professional knowledge in the aspects of occupational safety and health, innovation and technology, and other electrical and mechanical technology. It enables REW to achieve the goal of continuing and diversified development. In a long term, it further enhance the technical and safety level of the entire electrical trade.

  3. Learning Mode

    Module 3 training is not limited to any particular learning mode / media. Video watching, reading on articles or publications, participating in courses or lectures or seminars, all can be used as the learning mode / media for Module 3.

  4. Content of Training

    1. Electrical Works Safety;
    2. Occupational Safety and Health Course;
    3. Occupational Safety and Health relevant Regulations; or
    4. Other electrical and mechanical technology related projects, including but not limited to:
      1. Quality Regulation;
      2. Environmental Protection;
      3. Innovation and Technology; or
      4. Other courses of improving mechanical and electrical technology etc.

    Apart from the training course conducted by “Recognized Trainers” of EMSD, REW may refer to the courses organized by and the learning resources including publications and videos provided by Labour Department, Hong Kong Institute of Construction and Occupational Safety & Health Council (Training, Information).

  5. Duration

    There is no specific requirement on the duration of Module 3 course /material. However, the duration of the course needs to be filled in the training record for declaration. The minimum duration unit of every training uploaded is 0.5 hours.

    The followings are the calculation method of training duration for record uploading. (if the organiser has provided the duration of the course, it shall prevail):

    Learning ModeCalculation Method of Training Duration
    Course, Talk, Seminar The total duration of the Course, Talk, Seminar
    Reading article, publication
    • Chinese: Every 300 words is counted as 1 minute
    • English: Every 250 words is counted as 1 minute
    Video watching REW may watch multiple short videos. If the total length of the watched videos is up to 20 minutes and less than 30 minutes, it can be calculated as 0.5 hours.
  6. Training record Uploading/Declaration

    The participation of Module 3 is on a voluntary basis. After the completion of Module 3 relevant course / materials, REW can do the recording uploading and declaration by using E&M Trade App. The declared information will only be used on REW’s personal record and for reference purpose only. The training record and information will not be used as the compulsory requirements for the renewal of REW license. 

    To do the training record uploading and declaration in the E&M Trade App, REW need to fill in the course name, duration, organiser and course date of the related course for record. In enhancing the personal skills of REW, and strengthening their knowledge on electrical safety and occupational safety and health, REW may upload / declare unlimited number of course and duration, and may enroll relevant courses under preference. The followings are the example of training record upload / declaration:

    Example 1: Registered and completed the course of “General Study for Air-conditioning Maintenance and Alteration” which held by Occupational Safety & Health Council on 21 February 2021.

    Course Name General Study for Air-conditioning Maintenance and Alteration
    Duration (Hour) 3.5
    Organiser Occupational Safety & Health Council
    Course Date 2021-02-21

    Example 2: Read A Guide to the Factories and Industrial Undertakings (Electricity) Regulations, which published by Labour Department Occupational Safety and Health Branch, on 31 March 2021.

    Course Name Read A Guide to the Factories and Industrial Undertakings (Electricity) Regulations
    Duration (Hour) 0.5
    Organiser Labour Department
    Course Date 2021-03-31

    Example 3: Watched Video for Electrical Workers Episode 4 (about 20 minutes) , which produced by EMSD, on 5 January 2021.

    Course Name Watched Video for Electrical Workers Episode 4
    Duration (Hour) 0.5
    Organiser EMSD
    Course Date 2021-01-05

    Example 4: Watched videos of “More Exercise Smart Work”, which produced by Labour Department, on 10 February 2021:

    Course Name Watched videos of “More Exercise Smart Work”
    Duration (Hour) 0.5
    Organiser Labour Department
    Course Date 2021-02-10