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The Electricity News gains the support of the readers. For each issue, a lot of readers sent us letters to offer their comments and suggestions. Your valuable feedback is a great help to the continuous improvement of the content of this newsletter. To sum up the feedback about the last few issues, many readers hope that the newsletter could report more on electrical accidents and analyse the causes of these incidents, so that trade members could extract experience from them and avoid repeating the same mistakes. In view of this, in a feature article, we collect information on the electrical accidents for the past 3 years, analyse the causes and make suggestions for improvement for each type of accident. Moreover, as several electrical accidents involving shower type electric water heaters happened last winter, in another feature article, we highlight the safety tips for shower type electric water heaters for your reference.

The Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) has done a lot of electricity regulatory work for the continuous enhancement of electrical safety in Hong Kong, including revising the Code of Practice for the Electricity (Wiring) Regulation , assisting building owners to complete the periodic inspection and test of electrical installations, adopting the latest international safety standards for electrical products, strengthening ties with the AQSIQ, and organising large-scale technical seminars in collaboration with the trade etc. The details are given in the “News” and “Preview”.