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In this issue of Electricity News, we will continue to report the latest progress on the adoption of the new cable colour code for fixed electrical wiring in Hong Kong. The issues covered include the implementation schedule, a study of the cable supply, technical support, training, publicity, etc. A copy of the Installation Guidelines is also attached to this issue of Electricity News for trade members' reference. In addition, we will brief our readers on how to select cables of suitable sizes and safety tips for designing and installing advertising lightboxes. We will also report the establishment of the third underground cable detection training centre in Hong Kong, a well equipped venue for training more competent persons for underground cable detection.

We received valuable feedback about the last issue of Electricity News and we thank our readers for taking time to offer their views. In order to improve the newsletter and enrich its content, we again appeal to you to complete the feedback form on the back cover and return it to our Electricity Legislation Division as soon as possible.