Registration Records of Voluntary Energy Efficiency Labelling Scheme for
Room Air Conditioners

To distinguish the new applications after 1 July 2016, new applications will be distinguished with "#" in the remark column.


Energy Efficiency Grade is used to show the energy efficiency of the Room Air Conditioner. Grade 1 being the most efficient.

* Room Air Conditioner Category:

1 = Window Type Cooling Only
2 = Window Type Reverse Cycle
3 = Split Type Cooling Only
4 = Split Type Reverse Cycle

#Based on revised new classifications and new derivation of the energy efficiency grades starting from 1 July 2016. Details please refer to the scheme document.

New Room air conditioner category:

1 = Single package. Cooling only.
2 = Single package. Reverse cycle.
3 = Split type. Cooling only.
4 = Split type. Reverse cycle.

& Actual consumption depends on where the Room Air Conditioner is located and how it is used. Based on 1200 hrs/yr operation.

Market availability for models, please approach respective manufacturers/agents for further enquiry.

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