How to apply - Construction and Use Approvals of Notifiable Gas Installations

Notifiable Gas Installations (NGIs)

NGIs are gas installations which contain liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas or town gas, etc. as defined in the Gas Safety Ordinance, Cap.51 (see Appendix I).

Who Should Apply

Any person who wishes to construct or subsequently use an NGI shall obtain approval from the Gas Authority, i.e. Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services, prior to its construction and use.

How to Apply

Application for construction or use approval of an NGI shall be submitted in writing to the Gas Authority by hand or by registered mail including relevant information and 2 copies of plans/drawings (for construction approval only) relating to the installation together with a prescribed fee (see Appendix II) for the application to the Gas Standards Office, Electrical & Mechanical Services Department, 3 Kai Shing Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong. Please note that prescribed fees are not refundable.


Enquiries may be directed to the Gas Standards Office (Tel: 2808 3683, Fax: 2576 5945).

Copies of the Gas Safety Ordinance, Cap.51 and subsidiary regulations can be purchased by following method, please click here.