Guidance Notes / Guidelines

Gas Standards Office

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1 Guideline for Revalidation of LPG Fuel Tanks for LPG Vehicles #
(Updated Version of July 2015) [PDF format (621KB)]
Supplementary Information: Fuel Tank of 4-seater Taxi
[PDF format (691KB)] *



2 Test and Examination Report of LPG Fuel Tanks for LPG Vehicles
– LPG Vehicle Fuel Tanks Detachment/Replacement Form

[PDF format (147KB)]
3 Guideline for Disposal of LPG Vehicle Fuel Tanks
(Updated Version of December 2017) [PDF format (503KB)] *
4 Certificate of Scrapping LPG Fuel Tank [PDF format (73KB)] * -
5 Guideline for LPG Vehicle Fuel System Maintenance Workshop
(December 2017) [PDF format (392KB)] *
6 Form 109B - Annual Inspection Report of NGI LPG Vehicle Maintenance Workshop [PDF format (304KB)] * -
* Only Chinese version is available  
Note: Guidance notes / Guidelines give advice in the interest of gas safety.

# For procedure involving the structure and accessories of LPG fuel tank, including replacement of fuel pump or related accessories, leakage test or
 five-year revalidation test, please also refer to the Code of Practice on Security Label System for LPG Vehicle Fuel Tanks [PDF format (441KB)].