Starting from August 2015, EMSD have issued identification signage to LPG Vehicle Fuel System Maintenance Workshop. Issuance of identification signage is an administrative measures so that LPG vehicle owners, LPG vehicle drivers, public and relevant persons can be easily to identify the vehicle maintenance workshops providing services to fuel system of LPG vehicles. The criteria of signage issuance is:

  1. Work involving the repair, maintenance or replacement of LPG vehicle fuel system or associated components and replacement of LPG fuel tank in the workshop must be carried out by an EMSD approved Competent Person (Class 6) or under his supervision.
  2. The following equipment shall be equipped in workshops:
    1. Portable combustible gas detector suitable for use in the leak detection for LPG;
    2. Suitable purging equipment for fuel pipe of LPG vehicle; and
    3. Adequate ventilation and flame-proof ventilator for reducing the opportunity to reach lower explosion limit of accumulated LPG/air mixture.

There are two types (Red & Blue) of identification signage. Red identification signage represents that the vehicle maintenance workshop with approved notifiable gas installation can store more than a total of 130 litres of LPG (i.e. storing more than 1 no. of LPG fuel tank); Blue identification signage represents that the vehicle maintenance workshop cannot store more than 130 litres of LPG (i.e. storing 1 no. of LPG fuel tank only). Vehicle maintenance workshop with issuance of identification signage should exhibit the signage in a conspicuous position at the vehicle maintenance workshops.