Electrical & Mechanical Services Department New Headquarters 3 Kai Shing Street Kowloon

Exhibition Gallery

The exhibition gallery is intended to promote awareness of energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies and to introduce the work of EMSD through the use of interactive exhibits. The exhibition gallery on G/F contains 17 nos. of exhibits to introduce the energy efficiency and renewable energy features, and the initiatives of EMSD on sustainable development. The exhibition area on 7/F contains 4 nos. of exhibits to introduce the work of EMSD in electrical, amusement ride, gas and lifts & escalators safety. The viewing gallery on roof displays the photovoltaic panels and wind turbine. The brief description of the exhibits are as follows:

G/F Exhibition Gallery

1 E&M Safety & Energy Efficiency Information Show

E&M Safety & Energy Efficiency Information Show

  1. E&M Safety & Energy Efficiency Video
    A video show provides a glimpse of some of Hong Kong's past and prospective sustainable development measures and EMSD's role in this aspect.
  2. Meeting Hong Kong Challenges
    Through the context of socio-economic development of Hong Kong, this exhibit presents the milestones of EMSD's history and achievements from its foundation in 1948 to 2005. It illustrates EMSD's influence on the social and economic trends of Hong Kong's development.
  3. Sustainable Energy (Hong Kong Issues)
    This exhibit introduces how electricity is generated in Hong Kong and the various forms of fuels that are in use now and their environmental impacts. It also illustrates how harnessing sustainable sources of energy will be one of the challenges of Hong Kong in future.
  4. What are the Issues (Global Issues)?
    This exhibit describes global issues in relation to sustainable development with particular reference to energy.
  5. What is Renewable Energy?
    This exhibit looks at the principles and science behind the main renewable energy technologies including solar energy, wave and tidal energy, geothermal energy, wind energy, biomass energy, hydroelectricity and energy from waste.
  6. What is Hong Kong doing?
    This exhibit describes the various broad government initiatives on sustainable development, including various energy efficiency schemes and energy data collection and analysis.

2 Energy Saving Family

Energy Saving FamilyA sense of fun is created around the issue of energy saving through this group interactive game in which players have to stamp out wasteful energy practices in a household.

3 Light Up and Power Down

Light Up and Power DownVisitors can compare the energy input required for fluorescent lamps, T5 fluorescent lamps, LED lamps and induction lamps. The visitors can feel the amount of energy required to light up different types of lighting by turning the wheel of this exhibit.

4 Check the Label

Check the LabelThis exhibit helps consumers get better acquainted with the various types of energy efficiency labels.

5 Saving Energy and Money

Saving Energy and MoneyThis exhibit brings out the messages that money can be saved if energy efficient electrical appliances are purchased.

6 Minimum Energy, Maximum Comfort

Minimum Energy, Maximum ComfortWith the aid of a 3-dimensional model, this exhibit introduces various energy saving appliances and installations such as compact fluorescent lamp, high efficient refrigerator, energy efficient washing machine, solar water heating, etc.

7 Get Connected

Get ConnectedThis exhibit comprises a 3-dimensional building model with screen text to explain the functions and benefits of an integrated building management system.

8 Smart People, Smart Building

Smart People, Smart BuildingThis exhibit is a virtual office with 20 energy saving features and installations including occupancy sensors, heat recovery systems, etc. The basic operating principle of each feature is explained by screen text and animation.

9 Where does your Energy Go?

Where does your Energy Go?This exhibit comprises a Q&A game which has been compiled using energy end use data developed by EMSD. This set of energy end use data is an important tool for policy makers when it comes to setting up energy saving targets and schemes.

10 Checking Energy Consumption

Checking Energy ConsumptionThis exhibit comprises a Q&A game which has been compiled using data from energy consumption indicators developed by EMSD.

11 Water or Air

Water or AirThis touch screen exhibit introduces the principles and advantages of a water-cooled air conditioning system.

12 Water as Fuel

Water as FuelThis exhibit comprises the model of a small town with a hydrogen production plant and a pipeline distribution system. The hydrogen production plant is powered by wind turbines, hydroelectricity and solar energy. The exhibit also explains the production, delivery, and storage of hydrogen and its application as clean energy.

13 Solar Energy

Solar EnergyThis exhibit displays various types of photovoltaic panels. Visitors can turn the handles of a polycrystalline, a monocrystalline and an amphorous photovoltaic panel to compare their efficiencies.

14 Best of Both Worlds?

Best of Both Worlds?This exhibit comprises a model hybrid car and a fuel cell model and explains their working principles step by step through screen text and animation.

15 As Cold as Ice

As Cold as IceThis exhibit uses graphical explanations to show how slurry ice is made and its role in cooling buildings efficiently.

16 Cooling the Neighbourhood

Cooling the NeighbourhoodThe basic features of a district cooling system are displayed in a 3-dimensional model. Benefits of distributing chilled water to buildings through underground pipes from a centralized cooling plant are further explained through screen text.

17 Wind Power

Wind PowerIn this exhibit, the generation of electricity by a small wind turbine is simulated by using a fan to blow the rotor of the wind turbine.

Exhibition area on 7/F

18 Electrical, Mechanical and Gas Safety

Electrical, Mechanical and Gas SafetyVisitors can learn about what EMSD do to enhance the safety and the quality of life of our community by ensuring that E&M and energy technologies are harnessed in a safe and reliable manner. There are four interactive exhibits to introduce concepts on electrical, amusement ride, gas and lifts and escalators safety.

Viewing Gallery

19 Photovoltaic Panels of this Building

Photovoltaic Panels of this BuildingThe solar photovoltaic system installed on the roof of this building is the largest of its kind in Hong Kong, consist over 2,300 photovoltaic panels.

20 Wind Turbine of this Building

Wind Turbine of this BuildingThe wind turbine installed on the roof of this building is 1kW in rating.