新方案 迎挑戰


Bringing New Solutions to Old Challenges

The Electrical & Mechanical Services Department is committed to providing safe, reliable, efficient, cost-effective and quality services to our customers. We also care for the environment. Our aim is to improve the quality of life for our community through continuous enhancement of our electrical and mechanical engineering services. As such, we always keep pace with technology development and process improvement in every service area for continuous service enhancement. In this issue, we will be demonstrating how we apply the latest technologies in our work for client departments.







iBMS Enhances O&M Productivity

EMSD is committed to exploring applications of new technologies to deliver quality services to our clients. Since 2013, one of our pilot projects was to implement integrated Building Management System (iBMS) for government buildings to enhance O&M productivity for the sake of customers’ peace of mind.

Initial review of the iBMS in mid-2015 was encouraging. We will implement iBMS to more government buildings under our maintenance in the next seven years.

After completion of iBMS, we can integrate the electrical, mechanical, air-conditioning and building services systems (EMABS) into a single application for easy monitoring. It paves the way for our future upgrade on centralised remote monitoring system with greater capacity for enhancing communication with clients and keeping them informed of the system status.

Prevention is better than cure! iBMS also offers an automatic fault/alarm reporting system with the pre-alarm function. If any abnormality of the pre-selected equipment or installation is identified, short message will be automatically sent to our site staff calling for early actions to prevent potential failure, reduce down time and increase system availability, and thus upkeeping client satisfaction in a long term.







GIS-based Remote Monitoring System
Enhances Asset Management and Operation Support

To provide better operation and maintenance services to clients and to improve management of E&M assets, EMSD has developed a Geographic Information System (GIS)-based Remote Monitoring System for around 1,800 traffic signals, and lifts and escalators installed at some 300 footbridges in Hong Kong.

With the launch of the System in late 2014, we can now identify faulty traffic lights at their exact locations in real time.This allows for prompt rectification of problems and thus, reduces the down time of traffic lights in general.

Enhancement plans are being devised to extend the System to support remote monitoring of other major assets under EMSD’s maintenance, such as electrical switchboard installations in some government venues and flooding alarm systems in underpass and subways. Feasibility to extend the System to other major assets under EMSD’s maintenance, such as fire services and air-conditioning installations are being explored.

The GIS-based Remote Monitoring System serves as a centralised information hub providing consolidated views of relevant asset information, close-to-real time monitoring of asset conditions and asset healthiness, which can be collected from different remote monitoring units installed in the E&M assets, or backend systems, such as various Area Traffic Control systems, in Hong Kong. Staff members can visualise the asset and equipment status, and perform fault related analysis to formulate a better life cycle management strategy for the associated assets.

The unique design of the System allows close monitoring of the equipment with minimal staff resources and service interruption.

智能電錶 聰明節能




Smart Energy Saving with Smart Metering System

Being the service provider of a wide range of electrical and mechanical engineering equipment and system in government buildings, EMSD can best use the smart metering system to help client departments on energy consumption monitoring and saving.

Smart metering system can open up opportunities for energy efficiency and conservation, as well as new and improved services for client departments. The system can be employed to monitor, control and optimise the performance of major energy consuming building services systems including but not limited to air-conditioning system, electrical system, and lighting system. The system can also provide energy records for energy audits and review so that energy saving becomes a sustainable and continuous process.

EMSD is now carrying out energy audits for some major government buildings such as Police Headquarters, Civil Aviation Department Headquarters, Customs & Excise Headquarters, and Civil Engineering and Development Department Building. For those venues already equipped with the smart metering systems, we can make use of the energy data collected so as to help bureaux and departments identify their potential energy management opportunities. For other venues, we would recommend clients to install the smart metering system for future monitoring and analysing purpose.

先進燈控技術 節省資源





Save More with
Advanced Light Control Technologies

Being the operation and maintenance agent of most municipal and recreational venues and facilities, EMSD works diligently to ensure that these venues and facilities, including parks and sports grounds, function smoothly for the enjoyment of everyone in Hong Kong.

With advancement of technologies, we always strive to explore sophisticated light control technologies and facilities for clients, enabling them to better utilise resources, save energy and thus enhance efficiency of energy management.

In parks, we conducted some improvement projects to install astronomical time switch to the lighting systems. After we key in our location and coordinates on the map, the astronomical time switch will automatically calculate the sunrise and sunset times, thereby switching on and off the lighting smartly to achieve energy saving. It also eliminates the needs to manually change the time switch in summer and winter so as to save resources.

In sports grounds such as hard-surfaced soccer pitches and basketball courts with no resident staff, we would base on the venue’s needs to install electronic devices for controlling the lightings via smart phones. In remote places or during adverse weather conditions, such as typhoon or rainstorm, staff can remotely monitor and control the lighting switch with their smart phones, minimising risk and operation.



機電工程署全力支持新節能技術的應用以協助客戶邁向更環保作業。今年7月,我們派出兩個團隊到訪無油磁浮軸承壓縮機製造商 Danfoss Turbocor Compressor (DTC) Inc. 位於中國海鹽的地區服務中心,除參與維修技術培訓外,我們亦成功與製造商達成協議,在機電署總部推出培訓員訓練先導計劃,並成立遙距監測計劃試點,加強製造商的技術支援。這是繼去年9月我們到訪製造商位於美國的基地學習重點技術後,再進一步為長遠技術支援和培訓合作鋪路的另一個新里程。


機電署是本港首個客戶與DTC Inc.合作推出培訓員訓練先導計劃。我們會安排有潛質的同事參加計劃,當他們成為先驅導師後,將會有效加強我們長遠的技術人員培訓,以滿足無油磁浮式製冷機的維修保養服務需求。


Reinforce Support for Oil-free Chillers

Oil-free Chillers (OFCs), using the latest technologies in oil-free magnetic levitation bearing type compressors, can save significant energy consumption. This trend of air-conditioning is generating high demand for competent servicing personnel and technical support.

EMSD supports the application of new energy saving technologies to facilitate our clients for more environmental friendly operation. In July, two EMSD teams visited the Regional Service Centre (RSC) of Danfoss Turbocor Compressor (DTC) Inc., manufacturer of oil-free compressors, in Haiyan China. Apart from service training, our teams have successfully concluded with the manufacturer to kick-off a pilot Train-the-Trainer programme at EMSD Headquarters, and a pilot remote monitoring scheme to enhance the technical support by the manufacturer. This trip is a new milestone in paving the long term technical support and training cooperation after our visit to DTC Inc. in the United States for learning the key technologies in September last year.

The Hospital Authority will be installing the first batch of 27 new OFCs in winter this year. It is essential for us to reinforce our servicing skills and training.

EMSD is the first user client to cooperate with DTC Inc. to launch the pilot Train-the-Trainer programme in Hong Kong. We will train up potential colleagues to become pioneer mentor and they will effectively enhance our long term training to meet the servicing demand of OFC in near future.

The remote monitoring scheme will connect the real-time operating data of OFC to the manufacturer’s RSC in Haiyan via network. If there is any abnormality detected, the manufacturer can carry out diagnosis earlier and alert us, so that we can fix the problem before equipment breakdown as well as to minimise service interruption to our client.

機電署總部大樓獲ISO 50001認證

機電工程署一直致力推動能源效益及綠色建築。為確保我們的能源管理工作採用先進技術並達至國際標準,自2013年年底開始,我們便成立能源管理委員會,負責統籌本署總部大樓建立ISO 50001 能源管理體系的各項事宜。今年2月,總部大樓終於成功通過審查,取得ISO 50001 能源管理體系認證,並成為首幾幢獲 ISO 50001 認證的香港特區政府大樓之一,亦確認了機電署在能源管理方面的努力。


為籌備 ISO 50001 的認證事宜,能源管理委員會率先造訪已取得認證的兩幢建築物的管理層,以汲取經驗;最後,在ISO 50001標準的框架下,我們確立了能源管理體系的政策方針、適用範圍和目標,制定了一套全面的能源計劃方案,建立了一個能持續監控和改進的機制,編制了一套質量文件包括系統手冊、系統程序手冊和各種系統管理記錄,並安排了多個培訓課程予相關人士。

透過委員會的大力推廣和執行,物業設施管理組的全力支援,以及總部大樓所有員工的全力配合,總部大樓榮獲ISO 50001能源管理體系認證。

Effort in Energy Management Recognised
ISO 50001 Accreditation Awarded to EMSD Headquarters Building

EMSD is dedicated to promoting energy efficiency and green building. To ensure our energy management work is technologically advanced and up to the international standard, we set up an Energy Management Committee (EMC) at the end of 2013 to prepare the EMSD Headquarters Building for the ISO 50001 energy management system accreditation. In February this year, the headquarters building successfully passed the ISO 50001 audit and got the accreditation. It was one of the first few government buildings obtaining the ISO 50001 accreditation, which also recognised our effort in energy management.

We will share our energy management experience with our clients, and proactively assist them in developing energy management work. We also recommend new energy saving technologies on related E&M facilities to our clients to achieve energy saving and greenhouse gas emission reduction.

In preparing for the ISO 50001 accreditation, EMC visited and learned experiences from the management of the two accredited buildings. Under the framework of ISO 50001 standard, we established energy policy, identified appropriate objectives and scope, developed comprehensive energy performance indicators, implemented energy action plan for continual monitoring and improvement, and prepared a full set of quality documents, including system manual, procedure manual, and records of all related systems. We also organised training programmes for staff and related personnel.

With a collaboration of EMC, the Estate Management Unit and staff at the headquarters building, our efforts in energy management is demonstrated and recognised by the award of ISO 50001 energy management system accreditation.






Help Government Fleet Go Green

EMSD is responsible for the procurement and maintenance of the Government’s 5,800-plus-vehicle fleet, which includes saloon cars and goods vehicles, as well as some specialised vehicles like ambulances, mobile libraries, mobile post offices and refuse collection vehicles. With advancement of technology and launch of various types of high-performance electric vehicles (EVs) in the market, we actively promote wider use of new generation electric vehicles in the Government fleet to support the Government’s environmental policy of energy saving and carbon reduction. As such, we will implement various technologically advanced measures to achieve our goal. We hope we can lead the trend of using EVs in Hong Kong, especially commercial EVs, and in the long term, reduce fuel consumption and hence greenhouse gas emission, and save operational costs.

Now, there are more than 200 EVs in the Government fleet. We will continuously procure for our client departments new EV models equipped with more advanced and higher power on-board chargers that support the IEC standard. One of the examples is a new EV model that can be fully recharged by a 32A wall box within four hours and run more than 150 kilometres, based on the road conditions.

We liaise with manufacturers to identify suitable types and models of EVs in the global market that fits our client’s operational needs. We also make regular revision of EV procurement contract to match the technology advancement. To meet the future needs of EVs, we will establish an extensive charging infrastructure, such as building more charging points in government premises and public carparks.

EV charging facilities are fixed electrical installations. To help EV users, registered electrical contractors and registered electrical workers understanding the setting up of different charging facilities, a set of Technical Guidelines on Charging Facilities for Electric Vehicles (the Technical Guidelines) was promulgated in 2011. The new edition of the Technical Guidelines was revised and launched in April 2015, detailing the different charging modes for the trade’s reference.







Join in the “Youth Energy Saving Award” Competition
Collaborate to Reduce Carbon Emissions

As part of the “Energy Saving For All” campaign, the “Youth Energy Saving Award” Competition is organised by the Environment Bureau and EMSD to educate the younger generation about the importance of energy saving and enhance their understanding on how to reduce carbon emissions in their daily lives.

Students and youngsters aged up to 25 are encouraged to form teams of ten members to participate in the Competition. All teams shall register on or before 15 October 2015 for the enrollment.

Participating teams may join the Competition under one of the following categories: 1.Primary School Category; 2. Secondary School Category; 3. Open Category.

The Competition is divided into two stages. Stage One is composed of the online quiz and electricity saving competition. Stage Two is on presentation on energy saving methods and measures by shortlisted teams from Stage One.

Platinum, Gold, Silver or Bronze awards will be presented to each category. Members of the Platinum award winning teams from the Secondary School Category and Open Category will be nominated to join an overseas low carbon city learning tour. Members of Platinum award winning team from the Primary School Category will be nominated to join a local low carbon city learning tour.

For details of the Competition, please visit the website: www.energysaving.gov.hk