Sharing Best Practices
Fostering Innovation and Technology Solutions

To assist the trade, our client departments and other stakeholders to maintain and enhance quality management of E&M installations, the EMSD has recently published eight booklets and handbooks on the best practices for operation and maintenance service regarding various E&M areas. Four of them are closely related to our clients’ assets, including the heating, ventilation and air conditioning installations, lift and escalator installations, electrical installations, and fire service installations. With the publication of the booklets and handbooks, we aim to establish a platform for collaboration and exchange with the trade, as well as introducing new technologies, for establishing and uplifting the standards on operation and maintenance among the trade.

These four booklets on best practices for operation and maintenance service highlight 15 key areas, including emergency preparedness, preventive maintenance and application of technologies, covering various elements of the frameworks of an asset in its whole life cycle, with detailed description of the general, good and best practices of operation for each area. As the stakeholders, including building owners, building occupants, facility management professionals, relevant trade operators and maintenance contractors, may have diverse operational needs, strategic operational objectives, resources allocation, and service levels, we provide three different practice levels and various operational models for stakeholders to adopt as appropriate flexibly. To cite an example of the optimisation of operation practices, the project of Smart Emergency Lighting System inspection, which has been put on trial in some client venues including North District Hospital and Shatin Hospital, for improving the operational efficiency, while the use of Internet-of-Things has made it possible for the operators to conduct realtime monitoring of the emergency lighting system, enhancing the safety and reliability of the system.

Besides, the EMSD has also published two handbooks on solar photovoltaic systems and solar water heating systems, as well as the handbooks on gas utilisation facilities and maintenance of fuel system of liquefied petroleum gas vehicles, which are mainly intended for reference of the trade.

Please go to the website below to download the booklets and handbooks online: