Join Hands to Build Hong Kong’s First Smart Prison

Since 2018, the Correctional Services Department (CSD) has joined hands with the EMSD in the development of smart prisons and conducted proof-of-concept trials for dozens of I&T solutions to turn concepts into reality. With the endeavour of the past three years, numerous solutions were proved successful and their application would effectively raise the security level of correctional institutions and improve operational efficiency. During the research and development process, the EMSD conscientiously provided consultation and project management services for each of the I&T projects. At the same time, the EMSD actively facilitated the CSD’s deployment of mature I&T projects in various correctional institutions. One of them is Hong Kong’s first smart prison, Tai Tam Gap Correctional Institution (TTGCI), which was officially commissioned on 22 May 2021.

TTGCI employs multiple I&T projects, including the Video Analytic Monitoring System, the Movement and Location Monitoring System, and the Integrated Intelligent Communication System, applying new technologies to the facilities of the correctional institutions in a practical and innovative manner. For example, the AI system of Video Analytic Monitoring System provides real-time detection of irregularities and sends out alerts, enabling CSD officers to deal with sudden incidents more promptly, thereby upgrading the security level. The Movement and Location Monitoring System helps CSD officers to monitor the locations of persons in custody (PICs) more quickly and effectively, which improves operational efficiency.

We appreciate the positive responses from the CSD during the development of smart prisons. Our successful collaboration and smooth communication have fully demonstrated the team spirit between the two departments. The CSD also commends our excellent skills and professional opinion, as well as our staunch support in carrying out the smart prison solutions. In concerted effort, numerous I&T projects have been successfully implemented. Apart from the development of smart prison systems, the CSD has also adopted other I&T solutions recommended by the EMSD, such as installing the “kNOw Touch” contactless lift control panel in Lo Wu Correctional Institution, Lai Chi Kok Reception Centre and Stanley Prison.

The EMSD will continue to promote I&T application together with client departments, catering to their technological application needs with the most suitable, tailor-made engineering solutions.