Setting up Stage Automated Lighting Workshop to Enhance Customised Technical Support

Stage automated lighting has becoming more popular in recent years. To cater for stage users’ need for multifarious stage automated lighting applications and strengthen our technical support in stage lighting operation, the EMSD proactively collaborated with the Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD) and set up a cutting-edge Stage Automated Lighting Workshop. Together with the introduction of the new training programme correspondingly, the quality of our customer services will be greatly enhanced.

In the past, we could only make use of the idle periods of the clients’ performance venues to familiarise our staff with stage lighting operation. In view of the higher and more complicated technical requirements for operating stage automated lighting, we set up the Stage Automated Lighting Workshop to serve as a training venue for technical staff at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre with the assistance of the LCSD. Equipped with a mini stage lighting system which simulates the application of actual stage lighting, the Workshop enables our staff to practise what they have learned on-site, enhancing training effectiveness significantly. Our training programme comprises courses of the basic level and advanced level. During the courses, one-on-one coaching in a small class setting is provided by experienced stage lighting designers. Our trainees are required to work on a lighting design project to apply the techniques they learned in order to fully complete the courses. With the new Workshop which simulates a real-life operating scenario, our staff can observe an actual automated lighting system on-site and practise the operation, equipping them to better cater for our customers’ needs in the future.

Looking forward, the stage lighting training programme will be regularised gradually, so as to tie in with the LCSD’s development of automated stage lighting as well as laying the foundation for the lighting equipment services in the East Kowloon Cultural Centre which will be completed in the near future. The EMSD will strive to keep pace with the digitisation of lighting system and provide tailor-made services to our clients.