Taking Heed of Views for Provision of Client-based Service – Results of Customer Opinion Survey 2020 Released

Throughout the years, the Electrical and Mechanical Services Trading Fund (EMSTF) has always valued clients’ opinion and been committed to continuously enhancing quality customer-oriented services to create public values. Last year, the EMSTF commissioned an independent market research company to conduct the biennial Customer Opinion Survey (COS). A total of 1 036 out of 2 156 distributed questionnaires were successfully collected, representing an overall response rate of 48%. Further opinion from the client representatives were sought through follow-up video and telephone interviews.

Regarding the customer ratings, we have seen prominent growth in satisfaction for various aspects. Based on an 8-point scale, the Customer Satisfaction Index increased from 6.61 in 2018 to 6.83 in 2020, presenting a 3.3% increase. Furthermore, the overall Service Competitiveness Index rose from 6.64 in 2018 to 6.85 in 2020. Both ratings hit the historical high. We would like to express our gratitude for our clients’ support and participation. Numerous positive comments and their valuable opinions have ushered us to persist on continuous enhancement of our service quality. Through the COS 2020, we have gained more in-depth understanding of our clients’ needs, which was vital for the formulation of leading services for the trade and strategic plan adjustment in the future.

We Listen and Enhance Service

Dedicated to improving the four areas of “Applying New Technologies”, “Communication with Customers”, “Enhancing Project and Contractor Management” and “Provision of Work Programme and Accurate Cost Estimate”, we have implemented various measures since the last survey. The latest COS results showed that we had significant improvement in all these areas. We will continue to strive for enhancement of our service quality and competitiveness.

In the past two years, we have taken out various strategies and measures to enhance the application of new technology. To address the epidemic of COVID-19, the EMSD, in the light of the needs of each of our clients, provided multifarious anti-epidemic solutions, including body temperature monitoring system, fever screening mobile robots and air filtration installations designed for public hospitals, bringing technologies into public services successfully. Moreover, we signed the Memorandum of Co-operation for E&M InnoPortal with five local universities and seven technological research institutions to support our clients’ I&T solicitation and application. As at May 2021, more than 750 I&T solutions from start-ups and universities were collected and 130 projects were successfully matched. Evidently, the E&M InnoPortal has successfully promoted different I&T applications and new system development among client departments. Regarding communication with clients, the EMSTF has spared no effort to closely liaise with our clients through various channels, strengthen our networking and exchanges, as well as providing latest updates and information. To achieve the aim of updating clients on our work progress, we have established the Customer Centric e-Platform for clients to monitor the maintenance progress in a swift and convenient manner. As for reinforcing project and contractor management, we have established our own system for contractors to report on work progress in real time, so as to strengthen our monitoring on the contractors’ performance and quality of maintenance. Furthermore, smart business tools enable us to monitor contractors’ performance as well. The EMSTF always stays committed and responds swiftly, providing timely, cost-effective, value-for-money and high-quality services to our clients.

Four Improvement Areas

Re-organisation of EMSTF in 2018 for Service Development

To cope with the new journey of “E&M 2.0”, the EMSTF has re-examined all services of every division and re-organised its structure in 2018. Upon re-organisation, each division handles projects and communicates with the clients more effectively, and provides one-stop and comprehensive E&M operation, maintenance and project management services. Under the new organisational structure, the EMSTF will continue to innovate and put forward more digitised E&M engineering solutions.

Reasons for Clients to Choose EMSTF Engineering Services

Customers’ Feedback

The followings are some of the clients’ feedback:

Outstanding High-quality Services under the Epidemic and Emergency Conditions

We are committed to providing our clients with cost-effective engineering services, including immediate support during the epidemic. Examples include emergency checks on E&M equipment for 141 Community Testing Centres within a very tight timeframe; rapid installation of E&M equipment and enhancement of supporting systems for the quarantine centres, as well as assistance to the Correctional Services Department in assembling, testing and calibrating various sets of mask-making machines. During the public order events in recent years, our team also staged unfailing and undaunted efforts around-the-clock in repairing numerous damaged public facilities, including thousands of traffic lights, government venues, facilities and vehicles, and restoring their normal operation for our clients. The COS 2020 has reflected our clients’ recognition and appreciation for the EMSTF’s emergency response capacity.

Looking forward, the EMSTF will continue to create values for our clients. We will provide high-quality E&M engineering services and actively promote I&T, so as to fully support our clients to provide even better public services.

Please visit the website to watch the interviews of our clients regarding the COS 2020 results. https://bit.ly/3xIKGfp (Chinese version only)