Introducing Barrier-free Facilities to Cater for the Needs of the Client’s Venue

Currently, barrier-free facilities such as stairlifts are not available in some public places due to spatial constraints for installation. While the environments vary from venue to venue, so are the needs and specifications for barrier-free facilities. Therefore, it is not easy to find barrier-free facilities that fit in the venues of the individual clients.

In view of this, the EMSD has made active efforts in exploring suitable solutions for client departments. By introducing a new model of stairlifts from Europe, we have offered more convenient facilities for the community. In recent months, we have installed the new barrier-free stairlift for Tai Yuen Community Hall of the Home Affairs Department, making its debut in serving the community in Hong Kong. Traditional stairlifts are generally bulky and require dedicated spaces which cannot be used for other purposes. However, the newly introduced stairlift is easier to operate, and more flexible in use. The installation serves as a staircase when it is on standby. By simply pressing the buttons at the side, the staircase would be turned into a stairlift for transferring wheelchair users with impaired mobility up or down. After procuring new stairlifts, the EMSD has also conducted evaluations and adjusted the specifications with full consideration to the requirements of the actual venue, in order to ensure the suitability of the new device for the site.

The client is very satisfied with the well-designed, safe and practical installation, and is planning to install these new stairlifts in more venues.