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Railway City


  • Inform MTR staff immediately if you see smoke / fire or smell burning
  • Offer assistance to anyone in need or help move persons with disabilities to a safelocation

Fire on a train

  • Report the fire to the train captain immediately using the Emergency Call handleor Call button and speaking into the microphone
  • If safe to do so, use the fire extinguisher
  • Do not open the ventilation windows unless instructed to do so
  • In the event of a train evacuation, follow the instructions given by MTR staff orEmergency services personnel
  • If there is a fire outside the train, stay inside the train compartment, remaincalm and follow the instructions of MTR Staff

Fire in the station

  • Report the fire to MTR staff or operate the fire alarm call point (break glass)
  • Follow the instructions of MTR staff or Emergency services personnel to evacuatethe station
  • Do not use the lift