(Rev. 1 - January 2004)

Purpose of the System

The Performance Monitoring Point System is administered by the Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services. This system serves to monitor the performance of competent persons (CPs) to ensure that the underground electricity cable detection work undertaken by them is in compliance with the Electricity Supply Lines (Protection) Regulation. It also provides administrative guidelines to EMSD to take appropriate action against the CP who has failed to perform underground electricity cable detection work to the reasonably expected standard.

Operation of the System

  1. The system is generally based on the investigation results of the following cases :
    1. Incident investigation;

    2. routine inspection on randomly selected sites; and

    3. specific inspection in response to power companies' complaint.

  2. The system operates in accordance with the following rules:
    1. When the CP is found to have failed to perform his underground electricity cable detection work to the reasonably expected standard, a number of demerit points as shown in the Appendix will be determined depending on the severity of the failure.

    2. In each case, a total demerit point (i.e. total sum of all the demerit points determined in this case) will be given to the concerned CP.

    3. The demerit point will be valid for the current approval period of the concerned CP.

    4. The Cumulative Demerit Point (CDP) is the summation of the total demerit points arising from all the cases over the valid period.

    5. Based on the CDP, there will be separate actions to be taken. When the CDP has reached or exceeded the respective threshold limit, the corresponding action against the concerned CP will be taken in accordance with the following table.

      Limit Corresponding CDP Suspension Action
      1st threshold limit 15 Nil (A warning letter shall be issued)
      2nd threshold limit 30 6-month suspension period
      3rd threshold limit 45 12-month suspension period
    6. When the CDP given to a CP reaches the 3rd threshold limit followed by the suspension of 12 months or the current approval period come to an end, the CDP of this CP shall then be reset to zero.

  3. Regarding the suspension of approval as a CP, a notice shall be published in the government gazette to inform the public.

  4. This system will not derogate any action or penalty which has to be taken or imposed in relation to any disciplinary matter or any offence under the Electricity Supply Lines (Protection) Regulation.

Implementation Date

The PMPS is effective on 1 January 2004.