The Panel

Pursuant to Section 38 of the Electricity Ordinance (Chapter 406), the disciplinary tribunal panel is established of which the panel members are appointed by the Secretary for Environment. Not more than 5 persons are appointed from each of the following categories :

A member shall be appointed for a term of 3 years and may be reappointed at the end of a term.

The Powers

  1. The disciplinary tribunal may, by notice under the signature of the chairman of the disciplinary tribunal -
  2. After concluding its hearing, the disciplinary tribunal may exonerate the registered electrical worker or contractor or may do one or more of the following -
  3. The disciplinary tribunal may make any order it thinks fit with regard to the payment of costs of the proceedings under Section 41 of the Electricity Ordinance and the costs of the Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services or of the registered electrical worker or contractor