Energy Efficiency

As a responsible corporate citizen, we believe that providing quality services is just one element in the total quality equation. Our services must also contribute to the quality of life for everyone in Hong Kong - a major factor in ensuring this quality of life is the need to conserve and sustain a green environment. The efficient use of energy makes a significant contribution in this direction, ensuring both the wiser use of the world's resources as well as generating less pollution in the production of energy.

Energy Efficiency Office (EEO)

At EMSD, an Energy Efficiency Office (EEO) was established in 1994, to provide the technical expertise and the drive for energy efficiency and conservation programmes. The Office works to issue codes of practice, such as Building Energy Codes, establish guidelines, and is actively involved in working groups and related committees in the efficient use and conservation of electricity. Additional initiatives range from energy management to database management, benchmarking, the exploration of advanced energy efficiency technologies, energy efficiency labelling scheme, to promoting wider use of new and renewable energy. Our successes in this direction will help to ensure a greener and brighter future for all of us in Hong Kong.


The Energy Efficiency Office also publishes a newsletter "EnergyWits" on energy efficiency and conservation. The latest issue of this newsletter (fortieth issue) [PDF format (2.10MB)] and all issues of the EnergyWits newsletter are available for viewing on-line.

The contents of the EnergyWits - ISSUE 40 - March 2024fortieth issue include:

Eco Expo Asia 2023


Two booklets which aim to provide guidelines on wise use of energy have been published.

A commemorative booklet titled "A Decade of Energy Efficiency and ConservationA Decade of Energy Efficiency and Conservation" [PDF format (19.9MB)] was published in 2005 to give an overview of the work of EEO in its first decade.


A 25th anniversary commemorative short video produced in 2019 reviews Energy Efficiency Office's efforts and achievements in the promotion of energy efficiency and conservation, and the use of renewable energy since its establishment in 1994.