Product Description Extension Units
Model SK3460, SK3661 and SK3662
Supplier Name HKTV Mall (www.hktvmall.com)
Tel. / Fax. -
Recall / Prohibition Date 12.12.2018 (voluntary product recall)
Cause of hazard The extension units do not comply with the relevant safety standards, including that the plug of each model was not fused and the flexible cords were undersized, thus posing an overheating safety hazard to users.
Product Description Tumble Dryer
Brand Ariston and Indesit
 BrandModel Number
1. Indesit IDC75EU
2. Indesit IDC75UK
3. Indesit IS70C
4. Indesit ISL60VEX
5. Ariston A35VEX
6. Ariston AQCF851BUAUS
7. Ariston AS600VEX
8. Ariston AS60VEX
9. Ariston AS700VEX
10. Ariston ASL600VEX
11. Ariston ASL700CXAG
12. Ariston ASL700VEX
13. Ariston ASL70CXEX
14. Ariston TCF87B6H1AUS
15. Ariston TVF75C6H1AUS
Supplier Name General Appliance (HK) Ltd.
Tel. / Fax. Tel: 3750 9199
Recall / Prohibition Date 27.9.2018 (voluntary product recall)
Cause of hazard A potential risk of fire was found when excess fluff comes into contact with the dryers' heating element.
Product Description Ceiling Lamp
Brand IKEA
Model CALYPSO (within date stamps 1625 to 1744)
Supplier Name IKEA Hong Kong
Tel. / Fax. Tel: 3125 0888
Recall / Prohibition Date 26.9.2018 (voluntary product recall)
Cause of hazard The glass shades of the ceiling lamps may pose a potential risk of falling.
Product Description Adaptor

Three models of adaptors with potential safety hazard and
with no indication of manufacturer’s name/trade mark

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Supplier Name
Tel. / Fax.
Recall / Prohibition Date 21.05.2018 (suspension of use)
Cause of hazard In the circumstances of one set of plug pins is being used and another set being drawn out at the same time, the live metal parts of the latter could pose electrical hazard.
Product Description Electric Kettles
Brand KitchenAid
Model 5KEK1722BER, 5KEK1722BOB and 5KEK1722BSX
Supplier Name Jebsen Consumer Products Co., Ltd
Tel. / Fax. Tel: 2926 2300
Recall / Prohibition Date 24.3.2018 (voluntary product recall)
Cause of hazard The manufacturer of the product found a potential risk of the kettle handle being displaced which could cause danger.