Product Description Refrigerator
Brand Hitachi
 ModelSerial Number
1 R-26NVH 1150700001 - 1160600269
2 R-S37NVH 1150600001 - 1160600108
3 R-26SVH 1160800001 - 1120400105
4 R-S31SVH 1160900001 - 1180300683
5 R-S37SVH 1160900001 - 1180300314
6 R-SF37WVPH 1170300001 - 1120400064
7 R-S31SVH-1 1180400001 - 1120100180
8 R-S37SVH-1 1180400001 - 1111100031
Photos of the refrigerators in annex:
Supplier Name Arcelik Hitachi Home Appliances Sales Hong Kong Limited
Contact Arcelik Hitachi Home Appliances Sales Hong Kong Limited has announced the details on its website. The public may call the service hotline of the supplier at 2110 8061 (from 9.15am to 5.45am, Mondays to Fridays; and 9.15am to 1.15pm on Saturdays) or email to confirm the batch of their refrigerators and arrange the services mentioned above.
Service Effective Date 15.12.2022 (voluntary on-site inspection and component replacement)
Cause of hazard According to the information provided by the supplier, there was a refrigerant seepage case occurred at the internal metal pipe of the refrigerator, suspected to be caused by improper maintenance without following the instruction manual. Under an extremely rare scenario where depletion occurred simultaneously at the insulation material of an internal component after prolonged usage, the concerned refrigerator might impose a safety risk.
Product Description Adaptor
Brand SUPER and MEC
Model N13USB3A
 BrandsModelsColoursAffected Production Batches
1 SUPER N13USB3A Black / White Since October 2020
2 MEC N13USB3A Blue / Purple Since October 2020
Supplier Name Golden Edge Group Limited
Tel. / Fax. Service hotline 2558 0163
Recall / Prohibition Date 13.5.2022 (voluntary product recall)
Cause of hazard According to the supplier of the products, a manufacturing defect was found in the affected batches of adaptors during testing, resulting in the non-compliance of fire resistance standard for a product component.
Product Description Electric Grill
Brand Daewoo

Model number: SG-2717C, blue enclosure

Supplier Name Uniware Digital Limited
Tel. / Fax. Service Hotline 3793 4069 (service hours from 10am to 6pm, Monday to Friday)
Recall / Prohibition Date 15.3.2022 (voluntary product recall)
Cause of hazard The aforementioned electric grill may pose fire hazard under failure of protection device and abnormal usage.