Product Description Adaptor
Brand SUPER and MEC
Model N13USB3A
 BrandsModelsColoursAffected Production Batches
1 SUPER N13USB3A Black / White Since October 2020
2 MEC N13USB3A Blue / Purple Since October 2020
Supplier Name Golden Edge Group Limited
Tel. / Fax. Service hotline 2558 0163
Recall / Prohibition Date 13.5.2022 (voluntary product recall)
Cause of hazard According to the supplier of the products, a manufacturing defect was found in the affected batches of adaptors during testing, resulting in the non-compliance of fire resistance standard for a product component.
Product Description Electric Grill
Brand Daewoo

Model number: SG-2717C, blue enclosure

Supplier Name Uniware Digital Limited
Tel. / Fax. Service Hotline 3793 4069 (service hours from 10am to 6pm, Monday to Friday)
Recall / Prohibition Date 15.3.2022 (voluntary product recall)
Cause of hazard The aforementioned electric grill may pose fire hazard under failure of protection device and abnormal usage.