To facilitate consumers to select household electrical products which have been issued with a certificate of safety compliance in accordance with the Electrical Products (Safety) Regulation, EMSD has launched a voluntary scheme for registration of household electrical products and posted the relevant product information onto EMSD's website.

The scheme now covers 24 types of household electrical products including:

All suppliers are encouraged to participate in the scheme. Interested parties can submit the relevant information of household electrical products to be registered by completing and returning the product information registration form - available for download here [PDF format (653KB)] - with copies of relevant certificates of safety compliance and supporting safety test documents to EMSD for checking, through one of the following channels:

By Mail
By E-mail

Having checked that the submitted documents are in compliance with the requirements for certificates of safety compliance under the Electrical Products (Safety) Regulation, the relevant product information will be posted onto EMSD's website for the consumers' reference.