Starting from 4 January 2007, vehicle mechanics in possession of necessary qualification and/or experience may apply through the Voluntary Registration Scheme for Vehicle Mechanics (VRSVM) for becoming registered vehicle mechanics so that their qualification and competence will gain recognition.

The VRSVM aims at enhancing the standard of the local vehicle maintenance trade. By adopting a progressive approach and launching a voluntary scheme first, it is intended to minimize impacts on the trade and to provide flexibility for future adjustments to the VRSVM in light of developments and needs of the community and the trade.

We hope that the implementation of the VRSVM will not only uplift the professional image of the vehicle maintenance trade but also bring about benefits to the public and vehicle owners.

For detailed information and application method of the registration scheme, please click here.


For the list of registered vehicle mechanics, please click here.

Voluntary Registration Scheme for Vehicle Maintenance
Smart Vehicle Mechanic Quiz Competition

To encourage vehicle mechanics to pursue continuous self-development and acquire the ever-changing knowledge and skills in vehicle maintenance industry, as well as promoting the latest Practice Guidelines for Vehicle Maintenance Workshops, the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD), the Vehicle Maintenance Technical Advisory Committee and the Pro-Act Training and Development Centre jointly organised the Smart Vehicle Mechanic Quiz Competition (Competition). Registered Vehicle Mechanics are welcome to participate in the Competition.

The Competition was successfully held on 13 December 2018 and received an enthusiastic response with about 90 Registered Vehicle Mechanics participated. After assessment by the adjudication panel, the list of winners is announced as follows: