The E&M Carnival 2018

EMSD Gallery

As the regulator of E&M safety in Hong Kong, we at the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department (EMSD) are responsible for enforcing the relevant laws and regulations and promoting safety awareness among the trades and the public, so that the community may enjoy safety and peace of mind. EMSD is also the E&M engineering service partner of more than 100 government departments and public organisations in Hong Kong. We provide operation and maintenance services for E&M facilities essential to people’s daily lives, such as municipal and recreational venues and hospitals, as well as for transportation, airport, ferry pier, boundary crossing and security facilities. We also provide diverse electrical, mechanical and electronic engineering project design and energy saving solutions, to make life more convenient and enjoyable for the public.

Now start experiencing EMSD’s work and role! You will be surprised to find so many interesting examples of E&M engineering and energy efficiency in our everyday life. Be prepared to reconnect with them, and let the journey begin!