December 2004 Issue No.11


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Latest Technology for Better Service to Customers

EMSD will launch a new Customer Support Centre (CSC) in its new headquarters in Kowloon Bay in mid-2005, offering state-of-the-art telecommunications and monitoring equipment and services for our customers round the clock.

The centre-piece of the CSC is a 10-metre video wall that can simultaneously display video or data information from 60 different sources.With video cameras installed at strategic locations, it will be easy to monitor road traffic, flooding situations, restricted areas and even the whereabouts of dangerous animals like crocodiles at large. Of course, it also monitors your E&M facilities.

This communication centre can receive, consolidate and dispatch integrated information via video, audio, phone, letter, fax, email, and SMS. It contains the ideal setup for a command centre for fault call handling and strategic operations.

Meanwhile, EMSD has recently started to develop an integrated Corporate Computer System (CCS), to serve customers better with more integrated information.

This CCS system closely knits all our major engineering services and corporate activities together under a central database.  When it becomes fully operational in mid 2006, we will leverage on this shared access of cross-functional data to handle customers' requests for services more promptly, and more frequently update our clients on services related data.

EMSD has selected the mySAP ERP software package from Germany's SAP Company as the core software platform for CCS.  Through this powerful software, we will be able to deliver more reliable, professional and efficient E&M services.



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Certificate of Professional Facility Management Establishment

EMSTF registered as a Professional Facility Management Establishment

EMSTF has been registered as a Professional Facility Management Establishment by The Hong Kong Institute of Facility Management Ltd (HKIFM) in recognition of our active advocation of quality practice in the management of the built environment and facilities.

The HKIFM is a non-profit making organisation formed in 2000 by a group of professional people actively involved in the field of Facility Management (FM). It aims to provide the opportunity for practitioners from different professional backgrounds to acquire a recognised professional facility management qualification.

With good FM, customers can enjoy one-stop shop convenience, faster response, attendant cost savings, and reduced equipment downtime. The practice of FM enables us to provide a broader and more all-rounded range of supporting services to our customers.

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Li Man-ching Receives Civil Service Commendation

Our colleague Mr Li Man-ching, Shift Charge Engineer, received a certificate of commendation from the Secretary for the Civil Service, Mr Joseph Wong, on 17 September 2004, for his consistently excellent performance.

On that occasion, 75 civil servants from 37 government departments received awards under the Secretary for the Civil Service's Commendation Award Scheme. At the presentation ceremony, Mr Li shared his joy with other awardees, invited families and guests present. The Chief Executive attended the cocktail party afterwards to congratulate the awardees.

Encouraged by Mr Li's exemplary performance, other members of EMSD will also do their very best in serving customers and the public at large.

Mr Li Man-ching (first from right) poses with Secretary for Environment, Transport and Works Dr Sarah Liao (second from right) and EMSD Director Mr Roger Lai (second from left) and Mrs Li (first from left).

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Developing an Administrative Computer System for Fire Services Department

EMSD was awarded a contract for developing an Administrative Computer System (ACS) for the Commercial Buildings & Premises Division of the Fire Services Department (FSD) in October 2004. This is an IT system implementation and integration project, and the contract was awarded through competitive tendering exercise. The main objective of the system is to automate the workflows in various aspects of FSD's operations. The PRINCE and SSADM methodologies will be used in the management and development of the ACS.

The winning of the contract demonstrates that EMSD can provide IT and high technology services on top of the existing E&M services to clients at competitive prices with exceptional value.

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EMSD lady shines in the Olympics

EMSD has a diversity of talents among its staff, but these talents may not always be noticed until they are given the limelight, locally or even globally. One of these talented colleagues is Wendy Chim, who distinguished herself at the Olympics in Athens as a referee in the table tennis competitions.

Wendy was one of the 24 referees, each from a different country / territory, who refereed at the table tennis games. Among them, only 4 were women, and only 5 were from Asia. With her stable performance, she was given the privilege to referee for the finals of the ladies' singles.

Under the current grading system of the International Table Tennis Federation, referees are categorised into "Blue Badge" (the highest order) and "White Badge". In mid 2004, Wendy was among the first batch of 15 referees to receive the supreme honour of the Blue Badge.

At EMSD, our sincerest congratulations go to Wendy - the pride of the Department - and we trust that Wendy will continue to make contribution in the world of table tennis.


Wendy Chim (second from right) at the finals, with the champion - Zhang Yining (first from right) from China.

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Postgraduate Education Centre of CUHK's Medical Faculty
Health Sector Division Wins CUHK Contract

EMSD's Health Sector Division has recently won a 2-year contract with the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), on a 1-year fixed and 1-year renewable basis, for the provision of operation, repair and maintenance services for the facilities in its two buildings in Prince of Wales Hospital, Sha Tin. The two buildings are the Postgraduate Education Centre and Madam S.H. Ho Hostel (New Phase).

CUHK invited EMSTF, amongst some other sizable organizations, to tender for the contract in mid 2004. An analysis concludes that EMSTF's success in winning the contract not only hinged on EMSTF's reputation for quality services earned over the years, but also on its flexibility in offering suitable service arrangements and terms that meet customer needs.

Madam SH Ho Hostel for CUHK medical students

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