Special Report
Electronic display systems at Sha Tin competition venue.

EMSTF was entrusted by the Equestrian Company to assist in the 2008 Olympic Equestrian Events. We successfully provided project management and technical support services for the Events.

EMSD mobilised more than 160 professional and technical staff to work round the clock behind the scenes to make the Olympic Equestrian Events a successful occasion in Hong Kong. The Equestrian Company highly praised the services delivered by EMSTF throughout the Events.


The IT Games and Results Computer Network installed in the Judges Tower, monitored and supervised by EMSTF.

Lighting system installed at Sha Tin competition venue.
Our preparations actually began two years ago. A Special Duty Team was formed in October 2006 to provide consultancy and project management services for over 20 systems at the competition venues, offices and Media Centres. We oversaw power supply and various information and communications technology systems including a broadcast system with 40 Olympic channels, Wi-Fi and broadband Internet access, IT Games and Result Network, various scoreboards, video boards and a Tetra Trunk Radio System for mobile communication between venues. We also provided technical operations and emergency support during the Events.

The Team achieved not only total customer satisfaction, but also facilitated the Events to conclude successfully with ˇ§zero defectˇ¨.
The mobile phone coverage enhancement antennas installed at the Equestrian Events venues, including these at Beas River competition venue.

A welcome message on the repeater scoreboard at Sha
Tin competition venue.

Tetra Trunk Radio Communication System with nearly 1,000 handheld transceivers for venue communication.
We installed a system with 40 Olympic channels broadcasting real-time video signals from Beijing to Hong Kong. A picture showing the monitoring centre.
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