Mr Helius NG Kai-ming, Deputy Director / Trading Services, EMSD.

Year 2010 will be a challenging year for the Electrical and Mechanical Services Trading Fund (the Trading Fund). In 2010, the Trading Fund will embark on an internal restructuring exercise. Through the restructuring, we aim at enhancing the efficiency of our corporate functions to provide more customer-focused and higher quality services to our client departments. Besides, we will offer them with state-of-the-art professional services to help them deliver new large-scale infrastructure and public facility projects, as well as ICT initiatives.

Over the years, the continuous growth and development of the Trading Fund are attributable to the hard work and dedication of all our staff to delivering high quality services for our client departments. Indeed, we value our staff as our most precious resources. We will further strengthen our staff's core competencies and provide more training in marketing and customer communication skills, with a view to uplifting their service performance at work and sharpening their skills to communicate better with our clients. In doing so, we believe our clients will find their work more satisfying and our services better value-for-money.

With the new year approaching, I would like to represent all our staff to thank all of you for your continuous trust and support over the years. I am confident that we can do even better in the coming year. Here, I wish you all a healthy and prosperous New Year!