Energy Management at Hong Kong's Hospitals and Clinics

The HK$50 million "Invest-to-Save" energy management programme being implemented by our Health Sector Division (HSD) for Hong Kong's hospitals and clinics is now nearing completion. The project, which resulted from a series of in-depth energy audits conducted in 1998, identified a number of energy saving opportunities at Hong Kong's hospitals. These included lighting retrofits, electricity tariff assessments, retrofitting of HVAC systems and boilers as well as the installation of heat pumps and water saving valves. Savings at that time were estimated to be around HK$12 million a year with a pay back period of 4 years.

The Energy Management Database uses the advanced energy management auditing software "Metrix".

New Initiatives and Developments
Aiming for continuous improvement, HSD has adopted state-of-the-art technologies to achieve the greatest benefits in these retrofitting works. New technologies automatic water-cooled chiller condenser tube cleaners, centralised dehumidifier air conditioning systems, heat pumps, variable speed drives, demand ventilation controls, chillers sequence optimising controls, occupancy sensors and electronic ballasts, ensure that energy is used as efficiently as possible. HSD is also exploring the benefits of new technologies such as water-cooled air-conditioning systems and district cooling systems, to identify energy efficient initiatives for future development.

As energy advisor to the Hospital Authority, we also make recommendations on energy conservation strategies and overall project implementation. Last year, a proposal to retrofit the 4 steam boilers and hot water system at Queen Elizabeth was made to the Hospital. This project is seeing excellent progress, the new high efficiency boilers have been installed and commissioned, while the replacement hot water system is due for completion in 2003.

New Energy Database
Taking energy management to new highs, an energy database, also developed by HSD, now tracks electricity consumption in Hong Kong's hospitals. It monitors trends, proposes cost effective electricity tariff structures and also predicts electricity consumption patterns for the future. Proving its value as an effective energy management tool - the database also compares savings in electricity before and after the retrofitting works, establishing that more than 10 million dollars was saved in hospital electricity bills last year. The team is now building comprehensive energy consumption databases for major hospitals to enhance energy management services into the future.

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SAM(Software Asset Management)Update

SAM provides an easy and cost effective tool in the management of software assets, tracking, keeping inventories and providing reports of software installed in PCs. Developed by EMSD, the system has proven to be invaluable in the management and protection of software intellectual rights both within EMSD, where we have 800 networked computers connected to the system, and for the 200 PCs networked in the Works Bureau. Our next installation will be for Drainage Services Department, who has over 400 PCs in their Revenue Tower Headquarters alone.

SAM provides easy tracking and management of PC software.

Taking this service a step further, we have now developed an add-on tool to work with Microsoft's System Management Server (SMS). SMS is a Microsoft product providing software asset management, in addition to other management functions. A common problem with using file scanning software inventory systems is the difficulty in obtaining a "software signature" to precisely identify what software have been installed on a PC. EMSD has assigned a team of IT staff to handle the project. After over a year of continuous effort, we have overcome this problem by developing a comprehensive software signature database. An user interface tool was also developed to ease the signature identifications. Other SAM systems can apply our software signature database and our regular update services.

We would like to share our achievements in deploying SAM. If you are interested in our SAM service, please call our Service Development Manager Mr. K Lam at 2808 3560.

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