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Electrical Products
1 Guidance Notes for the Electrical Products (Safety) Regulation (2007 Edition) ($44)
2 Guidelines on Voluntary Recall of Electrical Products Not Complying with the Safety Requirements
3 Outline of Electrical Products (Safety) Regulation
4 Guidelines for Safety of Luminaires
Electrical Installations
1 Technical Guidelines on Charging Facilities for Electric Vehicles (Issued in April 2015) [PDF format (379KB)]
2 Sample Schedule of Test Results for Electrical Wiring [PDF format (64.8KB)]
3 Guidance Notes for Commercial Electric Dryers and Electrical Installations in Commercial Laundry Premises [PDF format (811KB)] (For gas dryers in commercial premises, please refer to the Code of Practice for Commercial Dryer fuelled by (1) Town gas [PDF format (418KB)] and (2) LPG [PDF format (938KB)])
4 Notes for Registered Electrical Contractors
5 Notes for Registered Electrical Workers
6 Notes on Examination for Registration as a Grade B Electrical Worker
7 Notes on Examination for Registration as a Grade C Electrical Worker
8 Guideline for Periodic Inspection, Testing and Certification (PITC) Work [PDF format (1.45MB)]
9 Power Suspension Arrangement for Electrical Work [PDF format (3.64MB)]
1 Competent Person Performance Monitoring Point System
2 Guidelines for Preparation of Cable Detection Report
3 Underground Cable Detection Report Reference Format [PDF format (16.1KB)]
4 Advice to Site Personnel When Working Near Underground Electricity Cables
5 Advice to Site Personnel When Working Near Overhead Electricity Lines
6 Outline of Electricity Supply Lines (Protection) Regulation