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Energy Calculator
Please select electrical appliances and input the relevant tariff information for calculation of estimated annual electricity charges.
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  1. 1 kWh equals to 1 unit of energy consumption in the electricity bill.
  2. The electricity charges by power companies are calculated under the progressive method. A higher electricity consumption, a higher electricity unit cost. Please click here for electricity tariff of CLP Power Hong Kong Limited or click here for electricity tariff of The Hongkong Electric Company, Limited.
  3. Only the basic electricity charge, fuel adjustment charge and energy saving rebate are considered in calculating the estimated annual electricity charge.
  4. The electricity billing period of CLP Power Hong Kong Limited is about two months whereas the electricity billing period of Hongkong Electric Company Limited is about one month.
  5. The average electricity consumption per household per month in Hong Kong is about 390 units.
  6. As some products are usually used only in particular seasons (e.g. use of room air conditioners in summer and use of dehumidifiers in humid season), the annual energy consumptions of these products are not evenly distributed over a year.
  7. The above energy calculator is for reference only.