Background Information

While mechanical defect of vehicle has not been a major contributory factor of road accidents, proper maintenance of vehicles is certainly an effective means to prevent accidents and is conducive to the enhancement of road safety. In addition, sub-standard maintenance services would create nuisance to vehicle owners and bring about air pollution, which would have negative impacts on the health of the public. For these reasons, the government considers it necessary to enhance the standard of the vehicle maintenance trade.

In order to gauge the views of the trade on different aspects of the proposed registration scheme, we conducted a survey in late 2004. Prior to the survey, we compiled a comprehensive database of around 2,600 vehicle maintenance workshops in operation in Hong Kong according to the lists provided by the Census & Statistics Department and the Vocational Training Council. A consultation paper setting out the key proposals for the registration scheme was then provided to members of the trade before commencement of the survey. Based on random sampling, 750 vehicle maintenance workshops were covered in the survey. The samples comprised a good mix of workshops of different sizes. A total of 649 workshop operators and 1,314 vehicle mechanics were interviewed. For details of the survey results, please click here [PDF format (1.2MB)].

The findings of the survey show that the majority of workshop operators and vehicle mechanics prefer to adopt an incremental approach by first launching a voluntary scheme. The government reported the findings of the survey and the proposed way forward to the Legislative Council (LegCo) Panel on Transport in May 2005 and gained their support to establishing a Vehicle Maintenance Technical Advisory Committee with the trade and setting up a Vehicle Maintenance Registration Unit under EMSD to launch the scheme. For details of the associated LegCo paper, please click here [PDF format (93KB)].

Vehicle Maintenance Technical Advisory Committee

To ensure that the detailed arrangements of the registration scheme can meet the needs of the trade, the Vehicle Maintenance Technical Advisory Committee (VMTAC) was established in May 2006 with members from trade associations, professional institutions, training institutes, transport operators employing large number of vehicle mechanics, vehicle suppliers' associations, vehicle owners' association, relevant government departments, and an independent person nominated by the Home Affairs Bureau. Members of the VMTAC are appointed by the Secretary for Transport and Housing. The VMTAC is chaired by the Director of Electrical and Mechanical Services. For the terms of reference and the current membership list of the VMTAC, please click here [PDF format (128KB)].

The Voluntary Registration Scheme for Vehicle Mechanics was launched in 2007, whereas the Voluntary Registration Scheme for Vehicle Maintenance Workshops was launched in 2015 in succession of the Vehicle Maintenance Workshops Charter. To facilitate effective discussion and finalization of various details of the registration scheme, Sub-Committees have been formed with members from the VMTAC and the trade. Each Sub-Committee is chaired by a Convenor who is elected among the members of the respective Sub-Committee and is from the trade. The Sub-Committees report progress and make recommendations to the VMTAC for endorsement of various implementation details of the registration schemes.

Vehicle Maintenance Registration Unit

The Vehicle Maintenance Registration Unit (VMRU) has been set up under EMSD. The VMRU provides administrative support to the VMTAC is responsible for the promotional activities, the day-to-day management and operational functions for the voluntary registration scheme for vehicle mechanics, and the voluntary registration scheme for vehicle maintenance workshops.

EMSD will issue circulars on matters of concern and regularly distribute RVM newsletters to registered vehicle mechanics. For details of the issued circulars and newsletters, please click here.

Scheme Tunes Up Auto Trade

To step up publicity of the Voluntary Registration Scheme for Vehicle Mechanics and the Voluntary Registration Scheme for Vehicle Maintenance Workshops, the Vehicle Maintenance Registration Unit has recently collaborated with the Information Services Department to produce a short video clip named “Scheme Tunes Up Auto Trade”. Apart from introducing the contents of the registration schemes, the video also features interviews with an owner of a registered vehicle maintenance workshop and a registered vehicle mechanic who share how the voluntary registration schemes have brought about positive impact on their careers.

Scheme Tunes Up Auto Trade
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English V/O and caption on roles
Source: Information Services Department (ISD external)


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