The E&M Safety Campaign 2014

Colouring Competition

(Chinese Version Only)


Organised by the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department in collaboration with the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, the E&M Safety Campaign 2014 has the objective of raising public awareness in respect of E&M safety and energy efficiency. As one of the features of the E&M Safety Campaign 2014, the Colouring Competition aims at promoting E&M safety and energy efficiency among kindergarten students.


Kindergarten students from K1 to K3

Entry Methods and Regulations

  1. Each student may submit 1 entry. There is no restriction on the number of submissions for each Kindergarten.
  2. No restriction on the use of paint and pigment.
  3. Participants can put any decoration materials on the colouring paper.


  1. The organiser owns the right to post all the winning entries in the website of E&M Safety Campaign 2014 .
  2. Original entries will be displayed at the E&M Safety Carnival 2014.

Judging and Assessment Criteria

  1. The panel of adjudicators consists of representatives from EMSD and HKIE.
  2. Assessment will be based on the following selection criteria:
    Drawing skills

Application Deadline

14 Nov 2014

Result Announcement

Awardees will be notified of the result in late Nov 2014 by phone and mail.


There will be one champion, one runner-up, one second runner-up and two merit awards for each of the three categories (i.e. K1, K2 and K3).

A trophy, a certificate and a book coupon for HK$500

First runner-up
A trophy, a certificate and a book coupon for HK$300

Second runner-up
A trophy, a certificate and a book coupon for HK$200

A trophy, a certificate and a book coupon for HK$100
Participation Award
A trophy

Award Presentation

Prizes will be presented at the “E&M Safety Carnival 2014” on 6th December 2014.