The E&M Safety Campaign 2014

Talent Competition

(Chinese Version Only)


Organized by the Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, in co-operation with the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, "The E&M Safety Campaign 2014" aims at raising public awareness of the E&M safety and energy efficiency, and encouraging people to practise in daily life. As part of the "The E&M Safety Campaign 2014", the “Talent Competition” is designed to strengthen the understanding of E&M safety as well as energy efficiency among the younger generation. This also appeals to the public to share the responsibility in E&M safety and energy saving.


Primary school students in Hong Kong (no restriction on the number of participants and teams for each school)

Entry Methods and Regulations

  1. Each entrant has no limitation on the mode of performance, and the performance can be conducted in either Chinese or English. Duration of each performance is 3 to 5 minutes. The contents must be focused on the theme of "The E&M Safety Campaign 2014", showing the public the importance of E&M safety and energy efficiency.
  2. Entrants can log on EMSD’s website and go through the reference for electrical safety, gas safety, lifts and escalators safety, amusement ride safety, railway safety and energy efficiency.
  3. Entrants must warrant that their entries are entirely their own work, which have not been performed elsewhere. No entry should involve innuendo, defamatory or indecent, and should not infringe any third party's intellectual property or rights.

Submission and Format

  1. Each entry must be submitted with an application form, in which contact information of the teacher-in-charge, names and grades of the entrants as well as the concept (with not more than 250 words) shall be provided.
  2. Entry must be saved in CD-ROM for assessment.
  3. Entry must be either in mpeg, wmv, avi, mov or mp4 format.
  4. Entrants are required to submit their entries by 31st October 2014 (Friday) to the following address:
    Unit No.05, 5/F, Trendy Centre,  682-684 Castle Peak Road, Kowloon.
    "The E&M Safety Campaign 2014 - Talent Competition"

Judging Panel and Assessment Criteria

  1. All entries will be assessed by a judging panel to select the champion, runner-up, second runner-up, “Most Creative Award” and “Best Cooperation Award”.
  2. Assessment will be based on the following selection criteria:
    Originality and creativity (30%)
    Association with the theme (40%)
    Mode of performance(30%)

Awards and Result Announcement

1. There will be one champion, one runner-up, one second runner-up, “Most Creative Award” and “Best Cooperation Award” for this competition.

ChampionA trophy, a certificate and a book coupon of HK$1,000
First runner-upA trophy, a certificate and a book coupon of HK$800
Second runner-upA trophy, a certificate and a book coupon of HK$500
Most Creative AwardA certificate and a book coupon of HK$300
Best Cooperation AwardA certificate and a book coupon of HK$300

2. The results will be announced in mid-November 2014.

Awards Ceremony and Publicity

  1. All prizes will be presented in the "E&M Safety Carnival 2014" held on 6th Dec, 2014 (Saturday), while the award-winning teams will be invited to perform.
  2. All winning entries will be displayed in the "E&M Safety Carnival 2014" and used for the promotion of "The E&M Safety Campaign 2014".

Important Notes

  1. All the personal data collected in this competition will only be used for the purpose of "The E&M Safety Campaign 2014".
  2. No entries, whether selected or not, will be returned. Organizer owns the copyright of all the entries, including but not limited to the right to display in the "E&M Safety Carnival 2014".
  3. All the entries shall not be published on any social media (i.e. Facebook) before the announcement of results.
  4. In case the entry is believed to have infringed upon the copyright of another individual or group, EMSD reserves the right to remove it from the Carnival and retract any awards even after notification has been made.
  5. The decision of the Judging Panel on the results of the competition shall be final.
  6. Organizer reserves the right to change the rules of the competition and all the other arrangements without prior notice.


Entrants may visit EMSD’s website for the details of the competition and information on E&M safety and energy efficiency. For enquiry, please contact Miss Kwok at 3482 3242.