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Note from the Editor

VoiceLink has been established as a link between the Electrical and Mechanical Services Trading Fund and customers and a means of communication for customers to air views, seek help or advice and clarify issues with the Trading Fund. Letters to the Editor are welcome, as are any submissions, articles, jokes and stories for publication. Please keep in mind though that the Editor does have the final say as to what will actually appear in the publication. All submissions should be addressed to: The Editor, VoiceLink


EMSD's customer communications link
Published by: Customer Support Unit
  Electrical and Mechanical Services Department
  98 Caroline Hill Road, Hong Kong

Tel : 2915 6955 Fax : 2882 1574
E-mail : emsdcsu@emsd.gcn.gov.hk
Editor in Chief : Mr. Lai Lin-shing
Editor : Mr. Patrick Chan

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